Welcome to Crimson Romance

We are so excited about our June launch! We have twenty-five titles in five different subgenres – romantic suspense, contemporary, historical, paranormal, and spicy – and we know you’ll find plenty of wonderful stories to enjoy.

Each Monday, starting in July, we’ll release five more titles – that’s right, five titles every week. You’ll never have to wonder what’s to read again!

Please spend some time browsing the site, especially the New Releases section, where you’ll discover heroes ranging from cowboys to mercenaries to cops – and don’t forget the Revolutionary War patriot. Check out our first amazing sweepstakes – a free Kindle! – and sign up for our newsletter so you can stay up-to-date on all our happenings.

Connect with the Crimson crew, Crimson authors, and other readers here on the blog. Have a question for Crimson? Want to share your favorite romantic memory, or tell us why you love romance? Please make a comment.
And welcome to our wonderful community of people who love everything romance!

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