Valentines Day – To Deliver or Not to Deliver

By Nicole Flockton, author of Melt My Heart, Seducing Phoebe, Rescuing Dawn, and Masquerade

Melt My HeartIt’s the day of the year when the elevator goes up and down non-stop. It’s the day florists spend weeks ordering and planning for, and dreading in the same breath. It’s the day when every girl (and guy) wants to get that special delivery from a loved one. It’s Valentine’s Day!!!

For many years I was the girl that didn’t get deliveries in the office for Valentine’s Day. I would see the flowers come and go and sigh, wistfully thinking, “One day it will be me.” A little like my heroine Lisa Wheeler in Trapped by Cupid. She had a far more exciting adventure on Valentine’s Day and if you read her story in the Melt My Heart anthology you’ll know what I mean wink.

I remember the first Valentine’s Day I spent with my now husband, boyfriend at the time. I was super excited that I was going to get a delivery at the office. I couldn’t wait. Every time I heard the elevator ding I held my breath waiting for the call from the receptionist to say that a delivery was there for me. The phone stayed silent. I tried to stay upbeat thinking, “It’s going to happen, it’s going to happen.”

It was approaching my lunch break and still no delivery. The next minute I look up and see my handsome man walking in with a lovely bunch of red roses for me. He hand delivered them. I now sigh in remembrance at the truly romantic gesture that it was — back then I was still selfish enough to be disappointed that they weren’t delivered! Stupid, huh! Who wouldn’t want flowers delivered by the man of your dreams? I know I made him feel bad and to this day I do regret my reaction.

Fortunately for me it didn’t turn him off me, and a couple of months later we were engaged and have now been married 16 years.

Last year my husband was travelling on Valentine’s Day, he was back in Perth our hometown, but he organized a delivery for me. When he hadn’t received a text from me gushing with excitement about a delivery, he sent one to me asking if I’d received his flowers. My answer was no. He was annoyed and couldn’t do much about it being on the other side of the world. I was very philosophical (yes, I’ve grown up) and said I was happy he’d thought of me. I went to bed and wondered happened to my delivery. At 10.30pm the doorbell rang. I trot downstairs and there was a man standing at my front gate with my flowers. I wouldn’t be delivery person for quids on Valentine’s Day! So even though the day was almost over, I’d received my delivery.

I think last year I would’ve preferred a hand delivery from my man!