Unattainable Love

By Leslie P. García, author of Unattainable

UnattainableUnattainable love. Don’t we all dream of it, pursue it, or achieve it at least once during our lifetimes? Admittedly, we define love differently. A woman who can’t have a child might consider that the one, great loss of love in her life. A teenager with a crush on a movie star (or even another teenager who passes her in the hall and never notices her) believes absolutely that love is unattainable.

Sadly, many who think they have finally grasped that one, perfect love, may find down the road that perfection isn’t what they assumed it would be—or what they wanted it to be.

And yet, we all seek love in one or more of its forms. We need to love, and hope to be loved in return.

Romantic love found me spending my wedding day in an arroyo in the Texas Hill Country. Disowned by my family on my father’s orders, pursued by the Border Patrol, nothing mattered on that day, except the wedding in a small county clerk’s office, the presence of my older sister, kicked out of the family even before me, and the invitation to a steak dinner that night by two of the dude ranch hands who (sort of) were all right with a teenager from Georgia marrying an illegal alien.

Thirty-eight years later, the story I was going to write about those times still is unwritten—perhaps because it is my story, and I don’t want to turn it over to characters who might take over and change the trajectory. Thankfully, my husband didn’t die on the old Laredo International Bridge, which had been the dramatic ending to that love story when I thought I would write it.

But bits and pieces of all our lives and all our loves, attainable or just beyond our reach, become the stories we read, laugh at, weep over—the stories of our collective, human loves.

In my debut novel with Crimson Romance, unattainable love comes in many forms, touching the lives of most of the characters. Dell Rosales should have had it all—but the disinherited daughter of one of Mexico’s wealthiest men receives betrayal after betrayal from her mother, fiancé—at the end, perhaps even from the man she trusted most, her south Texas horse rancher/father.

The teenage girls she struggles to mentor and protect—their lives have been a paisley of pretend and damaged loves, stitched together with hope’s precious thread. But can the delicate garment of promised, future love keep them from risking their futures again for momentary emotion?

DEA informant Jovi Treviño’s time in the trenches fighting an unwinnable war has all but defeated his quest for romantic love, for the love of a woman who wants a man—more than she wants the money from trafficking narcotics or the indulgence of using them. Jovi comes to Dell’s ranch to expose her or clear her as a facilitator of drug movement across south Texas. But suddenly, inexplicably, the woman everyone calls “la inalcanzable,” or unreachable, becomes the only love he wants in his life. Ever.

Unattainable is the story of love fought for, won and lost, that we share—whether that love is for a partner we never won, someone we wake up and celebrate daily, or the small hand of a child that clutches ours as we walk through life, aware that love means everything. And determined that love should never—must never—be truly unattainable.

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2 thoughts on “Unattainable Love

  1. Kay

    You made me tear up reading this…excellent article! Unattainable love is fascinating because one see so many hoping, longing for the ‘right one’. Congratulations on your new release!