Twitter Pitch Thursday!

Crimson RomanceAre you a romance writer with an unpublished manuscript? Crimson Romance is giving you a chance to share the love by pitching your romance on Twitter. If we like what we see, we’ll request the full. The last few times we did this, we signed several new authors to the Crimson Romance line! You might be next!

If you have a completed romance novel, describe it in one tweet and send it to @Crimson_Romance on Twitter from 9-5 (Eastern) on Thursday, March 20th, 2014. Use the hashtag #CrimsonRomance if you can squeeze it in.

Crimson acquisitions editor Tara Gelsomino will respond to all tweets sent to @Crimson_Romance and will let you know if she’d be interested in seeing your manuscript. If you get the green light, feel free to submit your full manuscript and a synopsis to And please spread the news! We’re open in all the subgenres we publish – contemporary, historical, paranormal, romantic suspense, and spicy!

Here are some sample tweets you can use to help get the word out on Thursday, March 20th:

Twitter Pitch Thursday! Pitch @Crimson_Romance with a tweet. Full mss only, pls! #CrimsonRomance

Written a romance? Today Crimson ed Tara Gelsomino is taking pitches at @Crimson_Romance #CrimsonRomance

Pitch the editor today! @Crimson_Romance wants to hear about your romance! #Crimson Romance

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