Top 5 Reasons I Love Figure Skating

By Rachel Cross, author of SpiralingRock Him, and Rock Her

SpiralingMy third release from Crimson Romance, Spiraling, pairs a figure skating princess in a family ice show with a Hollywood heartthrob. Here are a few of the reasons I love figure skating:

The drama: Years ago it was Harding and her henchmen, then the recurring judge scandals. Today it’s the US Olympic team selections. Say what you will, figure skating is never boring. 

The music: The variety of music used to set the mood and tell a story is remarkable.

The choreography: Whether a competitive program with a number of required elements or the retelling of a fairy tale, the grace and athleticism move you to the edge of your seat.

The costumes: Ranging from demure to wild—there’s even seen a striptease on ice! 

The athletes: They weave art and sport into magic, in a thin bladed boot on slippery ice. Is there anything more difficult? Pairs, singles, long program or short, the magnificence of figure skating is unsurpassed.

Last week I introduced my young daughters to the sport courtesy of US Nationals and YouTube. This American, Jason Brown, gives a jaw dropping performance that’s worth a watch:

Find the Sochi Olympics figure skating schedule here. Enjoy the games!