This Week’s Releases

Fire up those eReaders, gang, because we’ve got a fantastic lineup of new releases this week, all by veteran Crimson Romance authors!

Love Will Find a WayLove Will Find a Way by Anji Nolan, author of Desperate Obsession and The Cormorant Club:
When Emily Wilkes’s roommate and co-worker Jude Cameron steals a large quantity of diamonds from the Transcontinental warehouse vault, the police accuse Emily of being Jude’s accomplice. Both Bill — Emily’s much older boyfriend — and Jack –the new guy Emily has feelings for but turned down out of loyalty to Bill — have the means to clear Emily’s name … until Bill dies from a massive heart attack. Do Jack’s feelings run deep enough to help her, or has Emily’s rejection hurt him too badly?



The Devil She KnewThe Devil She Knew by Rena Koontz, author of Love’s Secret Fire:
When reputed mobster Tony DelMorrie feuds with his girlfriend and wins the fight by killing her, Cassidy Hoake is the only witness. She quickly becomes a target when DelMorrie skips bail—running is Cassidy’s only option. Now, she’s hiding from the devil, living in a small Ohio town, aware that only her anonymity protects her. She can’t afford complications like Clay Cestra. His police uniform fits like a second skin and he looks even better with his clothes off. But he is the law and she is a fugitive. A life with him means risking everything, confronting her demons and defeating the devil.

Scrimmage Gone South


Scrimmage Gone South by Alicia Hunter Pace, author of Sweet Gone South:
Debutante/lawyer Tolly Lee’s well organized life is turned upside down upon the arrival of former college football star Nathan Scott. Thirteen years ago, when Nathan was at the top of his game, sixteen-year-old Tolly lied about her age and began a physically innocent but deeply emotional connection with Nathan. And when he found out the truth, it cost him more than just his heart. Over a decade later, their complicated and unresolved history catches up with them as their lives once again become intertwined.

Paradise Island


Paradise Island by Charmaine Ross, author of Daman’s Angel:
It is Dartmouth Cove, Nova Scotia, 1853 and Captain Estelle Stonebridge is consumed with revenge against the man that killed her father. Captain Gregory Marshall is lulled to sleep by the fiery-haired valkrie’s magical song when she kidnaps him. Estelle is taking him to her Island of Paradise to face trial for a murder he didn’t commit. But once on Paradise, Estelle and Gregory, who find themselves undeniably attracted to each other, discover there is something otherworldly manipulating them all.