This Week’s Releases

Happy March, Crimson Romance readers! To celebrate the last month of winter (for those of us in the northern hemisphere, anyway), here are some great new Crimson releases!

StartstruckIn the contemporary Starstruck by Yael Levy, author of Brooklyn Love, all that Jewish Brooklyn homemaker Abby Miller wants is to get her romance novel published, and know what it is to fall in love. Abby tries to balance everyone’s demands — her kids, mother, her husband—until meltdown: She is scared that David might have an affair with a colleague. Trying to save her marriage, Abby embarks on a mission to reignite their romance. However, when she nearly kills a soap opera star in an accident and finds a severed hand in the park, everything just gets more complicated.

In the contemporary Perfect Partners by Stephanie Cage, Lisa Darby’s old dancing partner — and first love — Redmond Carrington breezes back into town eight years after leaving, offering to be her partner for a new ballroom dance reality show. It’s an unbelievable opportunity for an aspiring professional dancer, and the spectacular prize money would help save Lisa’s beloved dance studio, which is in need of major renovation. The only problem? Redmond and Lisa must pretend to be a real-life couple in order to be eligible for the show.

Mandy McCarthy, the heroine of the contemporary Sold As Is by Holley Trent, author of My Nora, is unlucky in love and hapless on the job. Just when she begins to fret that her fortune will never turn around, her salvation arrives at Archie’s A-1 Autos in a surprising form: the governor’s son. The two have an instant attraction that has them sneaking off for trysts during test drives. Unfortunately, Governor Owen plans to run for re-election and he expects his grown son to keep his nose clean. That means no shagging his staff, and definitely no falling in love with wildcards.