This Week’s Releases

It’s Classics week at Crimson Romance, and this week we’re celebrating five classic romances from author Peggy Gaddis.

Eroline Pearl Gaddis Dern (1895 – 1966) began her literary career editing trade journals and fan magazines. For thirty years she wrote traditional romances for a single publisher, Arcadia House. For the last ten of those years she wrote principally nurse novels. She also wrote “love novels,” a romance genre invented by lending-library publishers that was considered a bit racier for the times.

Carolina Love SongCarolina Love Song:

Her heart was in his hands, but his arm was around another woman …

Bix Bullard was Judy’s childhood sweetheart and everybody thought they would marry one day. Unfortunately, when he returned to his beautiful estate, Oak Hill, after eight years of travel, he didn’t even remember Judy, and found the rural paradise a bore. When his city friends descended on the estate, it twas obvious that the beautiful and wealthy Marise considered him her exclusive property. Did Judy dare hope she could rekindle his lost love for her?

Enchanted SpringEnchanted Spring:

Lovely chestnut-haired Lynn Carter refused to be impressed by Wayde McCuller’s wealth and darkly handsome looks. She thought him a snob and resented his scorn for the hometown she loved. Yet somehow Lynn found it impossible to avoid constant encounters with the arrogantly charming young man. And when the town was rocked by a shocking incident that left Wayde in serious trouble, Lynn felt compelled to rush to the defense of the man she’d thought she hated. Could it be that her anger toward Wayde masked deep feelings of love? Was she headed for happiness—or heartbreak?

Loving You AlwaysLoving You Always:

Loving you always was the way they’d thought it would be. But ten days after they were married Tip was sent overseas, and soon tragedy struck—he was reported dead in action. Now Gerry Parker, his beautiful young widow, is through with mourning; she is ready to begin life with a new man. Then comes the blow that rips her from the arms of the man she had grown to love: Tip is alive and returning to retrieve the past with the girl he’d married—a girl who no longer loves him!

The Girl Next DoorThe Girl Next Door:

Betsy Drummond was the girl next door, a passionate and beautiful young woman who was fighting to protect the man she loved—a man blinded in battle, who remembered her only as his carrot-topped teen-aged neighbor. Betsy had always known that when Peter Marshall came home from the war, she’d make him realize she was grown up now and ready for romance. What she hadn’t counted on was Peter’s blindness and the presence of Marcia Eldon, a gorgeous singer with a one-track mind, and the track she had settled on was Peter Marshall…

Return to LoveReturn to Love:

She was Carey Winslow, New York’s most popular young socialite. He was Ron Norris, charming playboy, on the inside track to Carey’s heart. Then her father’s fortune crashed, and in the flash of a headline Carey tumbled from the gossip columns to obscurity on a small Southern farm. It looked as if a bleak future loomed for the dethroned debutante. But that was before lean, handsome Dr. Joel Hunter walked on to the scene.