This Week’s Releases

Here’s what we’ve got for you this week!

Mansfield Park: The Wild and Wanton Edition, Volume 1Though often described as the least romantic of Austen’s six novels, Mansfield Park comes to life in this Wild and Wanton edition by Nina Mitchell when Fanny’s true romantic and passionate nature is revealed. Indeed before Edmund’s eyes Fanny’s passion and beauty surpasses that of her new and sophisticated friend, Miss Crawford. And it appears that the overly moralistic Edmund has some untapped passion of his own. Can the pursuit of pleasure be enough to bring this romance to a new level?

How to Wed an EarlIn the historical How to Wed an Earl by Ivory Lei, Lucas, Earl of Ravenstone, has to marry in order to keep his fortune. Luckily, he won’t have to search for a wife—he’s known her name since their marriage was arranged in their youth. After wasting decades waiting for Lucas, Penelope Maitland reckons it’s only fair she gets something out of her long-standing betrothal before she hears Lucas has married someone else. When they accidentally meet in a coaching inn, Lucas finds that in order to keep his fortune, he will have to lose his heart to a woman who is tired of waiting for him.

Drawn to JonahWith the news of her grandmother’s death, Quinn Baker, the heroine of Drawn to Jonah by Jennifer DeCuir, heads back home to reconnect with the only family she has left, her sister, and figure out what she is supposed to be doing with her life. She finds an ally in handyman Jonah Goodwin. The widower asks an intriguing favor—teach him to read. The more time Quinn spends with Jonah and his adorable little daughter, Lily, the more she begins to rediscover herself, her passion for her drawing, and her longing for a child and a family of her own.