This Week’s Releases

It’s another classic romance week! As Crimson Romance celebrates its first anniversary, we honor those pioneers who helped shape the direction of romance novels for all of us. Suspense, mystery, paranormal activity and love—always love—have been the cornerstone of the genre since the early 1970s. Now we have updated the covers to these classics–but not the words—and reissued these timeless reads to let you relive the thrill of discovering a world of romance all over again.

This week: the works of Clarissa Ross.

So Perilous, My LoveSo Perilous, My Love 

Forced by her father’s untimely death to make a living as a barmaid in the London slums, Becky Lee vowed that she’d find a better life for her and her sister by fair means or foul. Passionate yet calculating, Becky managed to seduce wealthy ship-builder Mark Gregg, and later to marry him, over the objections of his family. Despite her newfound security, Becky’s voluptuous nature cried out for the sensual fulfillment her husband could not provide. Recklessly she plunged into an affair that was to sweep her along on a dangerous tide of treachery, deceit and lust!

Venetian MoonVenetian Moon

To escape the embrace of an elderly nobleman, lovely Betsy Chapman flees to Regency London and becomes part of a daring mission: to discover whether Napoleon still lives, and expose the handsome Frenchman who plots to rule France. Kidnapped and held hostage, she knows the torment of imprisonment and forbidden passion, and the seductive lure of Venetian splendor. Until, in the dark underside of Paris, the fate of and Empire is joined with her own proud destiny.


Dashing Lord Andrew Blair swept his bewildered bride deep into his life of decadence on the infamous night they were wed. As the first shock waves of Revolution echoed through France, the disillusioned Lady Enid fled—alone—to Versailles and the arms of her dearest friend. Lady Enid soon found sweet revenge in the arms of Count Armand Beaufaire. But the revolution claimed Armand, even while Enid embraced the tawdry refuge of London’s stage. Soon she would be recruited from her home in England and returned to France: this time as a Royalist spy sent to seek and destroy the Revolution’s most dangerous agent, determined to rescue the only man she ever loved…and destined to fight her final battle with the husband who vowed never to let her go!

Flame of LoveFlame of Love

One ambition burned in Fanny Hastings’ heart—to be an actress. Possessed of beauty, talent and determination, she intended to let nothing and no one stand in the way of her career. Though she gave her body willingly, Fanny refused to surrender her freedom. Sought by a Maharaiah as his concubine, pursued by a Viscount, adored by a handsome young actor, she rejected them all in favor of her public’s adulation. But Fanny found that, no matter how hard she tried, she could not control her emotions; just when success was within her grasp, her wayward passions drew her into a sequence of events that threatened to destroy both her career and one man she couldn’t forget.

Eternal DesireEternal Desire

A captivating, green-eyed heiress, Della Standish had been summoned to Rome to be reunited with her long-lost twin sister, Irma — to share with this beautiful stranger the great family fortune. But from the moment Della entered the opulent halls of the Sanzio Palace, she was encircled by mystery and dark suspicion…her life endangered by the satanic power of an Italian noble…and her new-found love threatened in a gilt-edged world that hid evil in its secret heart.