The Wicked Ways of a Muse

By Kay Rogal, author of Sweet Revenge and Full Circle

Full CircleI wish I could say my writing just pours out without editing or scrapping the whole book and starting over, but I’m happy to say it doesn’t. Full Circle, a paranormal romance, didn’t start out this way. My muse, whom I call Sheba, is a wicked muse. When she began editing, she realized she had not pushed and prodded every nerve ending until I was screaming from the top of each roller coaster ride of settings, black moments, the first touch, the first kiss, falling in love to reaching that first orgasm of Cat and Dante’s souls bonding for eternity.

Sheba delights in reminding me why I love this genre and the heroes and heroines I am continually drawn towards. Carolyn Manzo, one of my favorite Housewives of New Jersey, and author of Let Me Tell You Something, provided one of the qualities today on The Talk show that I look for in my heroes and heroines – Loyalty.

I agree with her – If you don’t have loyalty, you have nothing.

Sheba finds many other ways to inspire me in bringing my heroes and heroines more alive. Her favorites are the Winchester men, Sam and Dean, from Supernatural. Their names and faces evoke women to instantly drool and seek every clip, picture, re-run and video available.

Why do we, as authors and readers, find ourselves drawn to heroes like Sam and Dean who are tortured, strong, loyal and have every woman wanting more?

I know why I willingly surrender to my muse by re-reading certain authors or watching countless episodes of the Winchester men, but I feel it’s best experienced by your own eyes and ears why heroes, like Sam and Dean, are so loved and followed…

My Name is Dean Winchester (OVC Character Challenge), a fantastic video created by OurForever22 on YouTube

Rescue Me Show Me Who I Am – Sam Winchester, a fantastic video shown by AlexProdz89 on YouTube

Supernatural Sexy Sam and Dean Moments, Season 1/2, another fantastic video shown by evaboon1980 on YouTube

Supernatural Slow and Sexy, a fantastic video shown by poemprophet on YouTube

Readers and authors, why do you create and read the heroes and heroines you can’t get enough of?


16 thoughts on “The Wicked Ways of a Muse

  1. elleyarden

    Wow, Kay! Your muse sounds tough. 🙂

    As for creating heroes and heroines…I like to explore human nature. I like to play around with the choices people make and why they make them. I think it’s because I don’t have that much flexibility in real life. If I don’t like the results of what I’m writing, like you, I can trash it. In real life, there’s no delete key.

    Good luck with the release!!


    1. Kay

      Thank you, Elley! I agree. Sometimes the human nature can take twists no matter how great the characters are. Are you able to share your wip? Would love to hear more!

  2. Christine S. Feldman

    I agree with what you said, Elly. There’s something kind of freeing about being able to explore and experience daring choices on the page knowing that you can always erase and rewrite if it doesn’t work out the way you thought it would! Sometimes I like creating character who do and say things that I wish I had the guts to do, but I also appreciate a few not-so-pretty character flaws that make a character feel more human. Ultimately, I suppose I just like characters that struggle to overcome something and then finally earn their happy-ever-after. It’s their tenacity that makes me want to stick with them.

    1. Kay

      lol Christine, It would be daring to say and do things we wish we could do. I love reading characters who overcome something, too. Snitch (Dwayne Johnson) looks like a good one or the new Tyler Perry movie, too, in that area.

  3. Betty

    I love Sheba – I hadn’t thought of naming my Muse. What name means “fickle”? You are so right when you talk about the depth of interesting characters, Kay! While I was writing Love’s Spirit, I couldn’t wait to write scenes that included the villainess, Deidre! It was fascinating to watch her develop! Thanks for the video treats today.

    1. Kay

      Sheba seemed just so perfect I didn’t need to think twice about it. I looked it up and you will never guess what girl name came up for ‘fickle’ – it’s Latin – Pimpinela.

      Did you find Deidre easier to bring out compared to the hero/heroine?

      1. Betty

        Pimpinela could be problematic if I use her nickname – Pimp LOL. Maybe not easier, but certainly interesting. Deidre really gets dark in book two. Actually, you’ve given me an idea for a blog post. thanks!

  4. Deborah O'Neill Cordes

    Very engaging post! I guess I have a new TV series to watch. 🙂

    Yes, I love it when a hero or heroine has flaws or must overcome a terrible incident in his/her past. It makes the “happily ever after” that much sweeter. Wishing you many sales, Kay!

    1. Kay

      Thank you! I must warn you…There is no cure for this addiction for Sam and Dean 🙂
      Just a little hint…when you get to season 7 and he has to give up ‘Baby’…it will have you laughing!!

    1. Kay

      Thank you 🙂 I had fun writing it…Sam and Dean, not to mention the supporting cast, make a well-rounded menu…the dry humor associated with Supernatural is one of my favorites. The Big Bang Theory is right up there in humor, too. I must say, the views are fabulous from the couch! Hope you enjoy!

    1. Kay

      Oh, yeah there are! Have you seen the season 6 or 7 where he says, ‘no one puts Baby in a corner’ and Sam gives him that look?!? I die laughing each time…I love its humor. That’s what I went for in Full Circle. Enjoy your day!

  5. Leslie Garcia

    Wonderful post. Creating memorable characters–or understanding where they’re going as they create themselves in our minds–is undoubtedly one of the most satisfying parts of writing.

    Wishing you much success going forward!