The Walking Dead — LOVE in ZOMBIE Land?

By Bobbi Romans, author of Swamp Magic and Under the Full Moon

Under the Full MoonIs there LOVE in Zombieland?

But of course there is! Even if you aren’t a fan of zombies, in most everything around us, from television to home life, Love & Romance rule all.

I’m a huge Walking Dead fan. And even the family watches with me. Now if I was to be so silly as to bring up to them the idea that they are essentially watching a love series, they’d call me crazy. The Walking Dead is NOT romantic and loving.

It’s ZOMBIES and kick ass characters. Blood and gore —woo hoo!

Um, yup, yup. But are they all kicking ass simply for their own personal gain/survival?

Let’s look at a few of the better known movies not classified as romance/love stories but where love/romance fueled the story.

1) King Kong — The big ape wanted his girl, and in the end placed her safety before his. Love story.

2) Jaws — Brody was more than willing to sacrifice his life for that of his family and those of his fellow townspeople. Love fueled Brody into risking his own life.

3) Anyone seen 13 Ghosts? The main character was willing to forgo his life for that of his family. In the end, the love of his departed wife was enough to win out over the evil surrounding him.

4) The Amityville Horror — Did love for his wife and family not win out?

5) True Blood — Hello, whether you like Bill (love interest/vampire) or not, the man had the serious hots for Sookie. No, literally, he went into flames over her.

We all know that special someone who scoffs at the notions of reading or watching a “romantic” book/movie. Guys tend to call them chick flicks.

But let’s use The Walking Dead as an example.

*Warning: Potential SPOILERS for those that haven’t seen the series*


Last chance…

Man awakens from a coma. Once he understands who he is, what does he do? Race home for his love. Does he stop when Lori (wife) isn’t there? No. He’s willing to go to the ends of the earth to find his wife and son. True Love.

Farmer puts zombies in the barn. Feeds them chickens. Why? His wife is one of the zombies in the barn. He couldn’t bring himself to kill her. Major Love. (LOL)

Wife thought husband was dead and turns to husband’s best friend. Husband comes back from dead and the relationship resumes. Husband and lover square off in a duel to the death. Um, serious “growled mine” kind of love. *Fans self.* So love that alpha growling thing. Makes my knickers knocker.

A’hem…moving on along…

The Governor (asshat character) can’t bring himself to kill his daughter. He’s gone on some quacked out mission to try and reform the zombies or at least restore their memories. Twisted Love.

Andrea and the Governor. Not Love. (Bwahahaha)

Bottom line, The Walking Dead is chock full of love. Each one is driven forth by love. Whether for humanity, spouse, partner, or parent…each step, fight, and battle has love on its side.

The same applies to most everything we do, say, watch, or read.

Now go get your love on. Pick up the phone and call ONE person to say “I love you.”

~ Bobbi Romans, author of the Swamp Magic Series
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