The Special Breed of Super Alpha Heroes

By Debra Kayn, author of Wildly

WildlyI don’t know about you girls, but I like men bossy, dominating, and challenging! If a man’s too weak to stand up to me, then where’s the fun in fighting? Because we all know what happens when the fighting ends and the sheets tangle, right?

Today, I’m talking about male heroes in books. I love me some super alpha men who rather SHOW than TELL. They don’t speak love words and they’re more likely to tell the heroine they’re going out to dinner than to ask her out on a date. Most of the time they come off egotistical and you want to slap them for being so bullheaded when the truth is, they care so deeply they want to make sure the heroine doesn’t get away…or another man won’t take her.

When I think about super alphas in stories I’ve read, one author comes to mind of starting the popularity: Jude Deveraux! The heroes in her Montgomery series are to die for! By the end of each book, I became a complete fan. Her men are sexy, bossy, and when they fall in love, I melt in a huge puddle.

There’s also Christine Feehan‘s Ghostwalker series, Linda Howard‘s books, Lora Leigh‘s heroes…all yummy super alphas that readers have fallen in love with for years.

In my book, Wildly, which released January 21st, Grayson Schyler, former Wimbledon champ gets a shock when the girl who stalked him and made his life sweeter one moment and hell the next walks back into his life. Yeah, he’s one of those super alpha men and yeah, there’s a bit of a scandal. Okay, a lot of a scandal, seeing as how Shauna fell in love with Grayson when she was twelve years old and Grayson was an adult. But, now they’re both adults, and we get to see if the super alpha hero has what it takes to catch the girl from his past. I hope he does.

What books have you read that have the special breed of super alpha heroes in them?

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