The Power of Romance in Everyday Life

By Bobbi Romans, author of Swamp Magic and Under the Full Moon

Under the Full MoonThe Meditating Values of Romance:

We’ve all at some point heard “Oh, you’re reading/writing romance. I see.” Their tone often dictates they don’t.

I write and read romance. When I get the raised brow…more often than not I shoot back, “Hey, it’s my happy place.”

Oddly, their smirk changes to a smile. Given the world around us now includes daily true horror stories splashed across every headline, books and the idea of escape is rooting firm, once more.

Hey, for us readers it’s one of the LAST safe havens there is. Think about it.

-No commercial interruptions.

-No news updates with charges filed/death count totals/missing loved ones…etc.

It truly is an escape. Well, okay, for those of us with large families we may have some interruptions. (Or be hiding out in the bathroom.)

Look Beyond the Lingerie:

Yes, squeezing ourselves into the mostly binding, itchy materials of sexy somethings is nice. But rather than have ‘rare’ or ‘less frequent’ moments of romance…shoot for the everyday kind as well.

Now, before you ask who this bozo dishing out advice is, let me assure you. My marriage has been as rocky as the best of them. Hell, when we got married the bets were we’d make it two weeks.

Those bets were placed 28 years ago come July.

Little things can add up in ways you’d never imagine they could. Would you believe that using the kids’ Mickey Mouse sandwich stamp as a prank on the construction worker hubs still brings warm laughs all these years later? Yup. Every blue moon, I stamp his sandwich figuring a work buddy of his might be near enough to see. <insert wicked laugh here>

-Tucking a ‘just because’ note into his/her lunch (on the bathroom mirror/on their pillow/pocket, etc.) can make for magic later.

-Making time for each other.

-Naptime nookie. Hey, the bathroom ended up being our love nest with the brood we had.

My grandmother who was married to the love of her life until death did them part, always said, “Remember, you started as two. So no matter how large your family becomes, make time to cherish from where it began.”

My characters in the Swamp Magic Series, Swamp Magic (book 1) and Under the Full Moon (book 2) have learned to grab the romance, in every form available.

Remember, not always does romance come in the form of fluffy hearts and flowers. Sometimes it comes from strange places, but with a full heart.