The Power of Reader Feedback

By Elley Arden, author of Marrying the Wrong Man, Battling the Best ManCrashing the Congressman’s Wedding, and more!

Marrying the Wrong Man“Will Charlie get his own book?”

The first time I heard that question was before Crashing the Congressman’s Wedding (Harmony Falls 1) released. A friend and beta reader texted me with that one liner.

“I don’t think so,” I replied. After all, the Harmony Falls series was supposed to feature the Mitchell brothers as heroes: Justin, Will, and Mark.

“Boo,” my friend replied.

I didn’t think about it again until Crashing the Congressman’s Wedding released.

“Will Charlie get his own book?” a few readers asked on Twitter and in emails.

And then a few more friends and family members echoed the sentiment.

My response started to change. “I’m not sure,” I said. “Maybe. If I can convince my editor to expand the series to four books.”’

Then, Battling the Best Man (Harmony Falls 2) released, and the question became: “Where is Charlie’s book?”

Some readers weren’t happy that Will and Kory’s story featured so little of Charlie. “I want Charlie’s book,” they said. “Is it next?”

Well, yes. When I sat down to plot out Mark’s story, I couldn’t stop thinking about Charlie. You were right. Charlie deserved his own book.

But did Morgan? Could I really take an unlikeable woman and turn her into a heroine?

In the end, I decided she deserved a chance.

Marrying the Wrong Man does more than give a happy ending to an unlikely hero and heroine. It also proves the power of readers. Had you not asked, I probably would’ve pushed on with a story for Mark, one that didn’t do him any favors. (Don’t worry. He makes more than a quick appearance in this book, and he ends up well on his way to happily ever after, too.) Instead, I wrote a story about second chances and redemption, one I hope you will adore.

Thank you for influencing me. I can’t wait to hear what you think about Charlie’s story. You’ve been waiting for it long enough.