The Genesis of Immortal Love

by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban, author of Immortal Love

In the summer of 2010, I had finished my third YA novel. Like my two previous stories, it was a romantic fantasy that took place in a world reminiscent of medieval Spain.

I had published the first one of these medieval fantasies, Two Moon Princess, with Tanglewood Press without an agent in 2007. But the publishing world had changed, become more competitive, since, and most publishing houses required an agent to even consider your work. And so that summer, I started querying agents.

To ease my frustration during this long process, I decided to write down an alternative reality in which I’d find the perfect agent in no time. Who would this agent be? I wondered for a while. The answer came, at last, out of a dream or, perhaps, out of an unfulfilled wish from my teen years, my wish to meet the most romantic of Spanish poets: Gustavo Adolfo Becquer. The poet who understood the yearning and heartbreak caused by that first, unrequited love for a boy you’d never met.

Although I still knew some of his poems by heart, I didn’t know much about Becquer’s real life, so I read all I could find about him, online and on print. Then I started writing and, as I did, another poet appeared in the story: Federico Garcia Lorca. How he came to be there, I don’t remember. But somehow it made perfect sense that the two poets I admired most would meet and be friends, even if in real time their lives never crossed. It also felt right to me that they should have a new life as theirs had been cut short all too soon: Becquer lived only to be 34; Lorca, 38.
Given that Becquer died in 1870 and Lorca in 1936, and my story takes place in our times, the paranormal element was inevitable.

My real story has a happy ending, for eventually I found an agent for my YA novels, and the perfect publisher, Jennifer Lawler at Crimson Romance, for my paranormal romance.

What happened to me in the alternative reality, you can find out in Immortal Love, now available.

And if interested, you can read one of Becquer’s poems in my blog or read an extract from Immortal Love and listen to Leonard Cohen sing the words of one of Lorca’s poems.Immortal Love

2 thoughts on “The Genesis of Immortal Love

  1. Ashlyn

    It’s so interesting to read how authors get ideas for their stories and where their characters originated. Thanks for sharing Carmen! Immortal Love is on my to-be-read list, and I’m looking forward to it now that I know the backstory.