The Blitzkrieg Type of Love

By Livia Olteano, author of Blitzkrieg Love

Blitzkrieg LoveMany of us romance junkies have our minds pretty much made up about instalove, don’t we? We either roll with it or not, and whatever it is we think about it each of us is right, hehe.

What makes instalove-flavored love feel like a slow burn type in say a 50k words novel? It’s not a lot of room to develop a slow burn scenario, is it? This question had me thinking about what makes instalove what it is, and what’s that element that makes it a slow burn flavored scenario instead. The obvious answer is time-related, of course. Where one is an all-in type of thing from the first instant the couple meets, the other develops in stages that may (or may not) imply a longer period of time. But is it about how long each degree of slow burn love takes? Or is it more about the fact that you feel those degrees, that progression to the peek? What makes it a slow burn, at its heart?

I know people who were crazy about each other within the first week of going out. Not the first minute they met, and there was no universal conspiracy to assign them to one another. They were crazy about each other within that week though. Does that make their love instalove? Or was it a compressed sort of slow burn?

Instalust I can totally roll with (eheh…that came out wrong, didn’t it?…), most of us can. Lust is, after all, a basic response–it’s immediate. We don’t expect it to necessarily build up, though it can. Love, on the other hand, builds on instalust and can become slow burn flavored.

My answer to this dilemma is torturing characters. But hey, that’s my answer to everything. I’m an evil reader and an evil writer, and I make a point of pride out of it. Throw adversity in the midst of the whole instalust thing, make the lovers yearn for, then partially have what they desire–but not have it entirely. Now take away the next thing they want out of that relationship. Deny them a part while giving them that very first thing they went after. Sound evil yet? Of course it does, because it is. But it already makes that love scenario more realistic, entirely believable and more of a slow burn then instalove, doesn’t it? Take away the three magic words from the lovers, freeze their declarations of love on the tips of their tongues. Make them overcome hardship to arrive to that point of actually exchanging them. It doesn’t feel like instalove anymore, does it? Not to me, at least. How about you?

So my version of love is the blitzkrieg love. It’s brutal, it hits you hard and without mercy, gives you no time to properly think about it or come up with a plan. Before you know it, your defense lines are blown away and you’re entirely conquered. This type of love dangles the ease of instalove before your eyes but tortures you as slow burn love does before giving you what you truly desire. Once you’ve gotten close to what you truly desire, it makes you desire something that’s still out of reach. All of it happens in rapid, maddening succession–but it’s madness in degrees, not a one-time explosion of it.

Blitzkrieg love is the slow burn type of connection that attacks your heart with swift, merciless, rapid fire–just like instalove might.

It’s something of a third kind of love, the middle ground between instalove and slow burn. Middle grounds are awesome. You get the best of both worlds plus some perks of the spot itself. I love middle grounds, don’t you?