The “Black Moment” in Fiction

Sweet RevengeBy Kay Rogal, author of Sweet Revenge

I write what I love to read…romance in any genre. I write the same type of heroes and heroines I want to read about – men and women who give as hard as they get, strong-willed but soft enough to fall hard in love and determined to withstand any obstacle in their relationship.

Yet, real life is harder than fiction and not always with a happily-ever-after. I’m a nurturer, advocator by nature and want others to see hope and love will be there at the end of my books. They say writers put a little part of themselves in their stories.

And they’re right.

I’m a risk taker at times, no matter what it takes for those I love, and I expect my heroes and heroines to do the same.

In Sweet Revenge…If I hadn’t upped the ante on each black moment for Drake Carpoli and Selena Malone, they would not have realized without trusting each other and their love, they wouldn’t have survived the darkness…

The black moment in romance occurs when it seems that all is lost for the hero and heroine. Yet Drake and Selena — like all romance couples — manage to get through the black moment to reach the happily ever after.

What helped you and the one you love through those black moments in your life?
A hug? Listening? Being wrapped in your man’s arms all night, safe and sound? Making you laugh? Whisking you away for a night to remember those special moments?

10 thoughts on “The “Black Moment” in Fiction

  1. Alicia Dean

    Great post. It made me want to find out what kind of obstacles your characters face. Your book sounds wonderful.

    I think the thing that helped my husband and I get through our black moment was the divorce. 🙂 Ha! Just kidding (Well, not really, but it’s sweet when love conquers the black moment…in fiction and real life!)

  2. Betty

    Great post, Kay. As hard as they are, black moments are so necessary in a romance novel. In my own black moments, it is my husband’s tenderness that helps me through.