The 100 Best Romance Novels of ALL TIME … According to Crimson’s Editors

The 100 Best Romance NovelsWe Crimson Romance editors like to consider ourselves something of experts in the romance genre. And because we just can’t seem to get enough of the stuff, we (“we” being Jennifer Lawler, Julie Sturgeon, and Jess Verdi) came together and said, let’s write a non-fiction book all about our favorite romance novels of all time! And thus The 100 Best Romance Novels: From Pride and Prejudice to Twilight, Books to Fall in Love — and Lust — With was born!

In this fun new book published by our parent company Adams Media, we explore the ins and outs of our favorite (non-Crimson) romance novels, including plot summaries, fun facts about the authors and the books, famous first lines, and why we at Crimson would publish the books (had they not been published already). And yes, there are plenty of lame jokes in there too.

The 100 Best Romance Novels is available in paperback and as an e-book wherever books are sold — get yours today!