Sweets In Love

By Olivia Logan, author of Urgent: One Nanny Required

Urgent: One Nanny RequiredSo I have titled my post ‘Sweets In Love’ for two reasons and none are of them are because I am talking about sweets that are in love!

My two reasons are as follows:

1) My new release Urgent: One Nanny Required has a heroine that owns a sweet shop and that is how all the trouble gets started as the son of the hero wanders into her sweet shop after having run away from his nanny only to have his annoyed dad following shortly after.

2) The role that sweets play in love and romance.

My first reason for the post title was because of the heroine’s job in my debut novel Urgent: One Nanny Required. Rania George, the heroine of the story owns a sweet (candy) shop- not a fancy, bright, glossy shop but one that has seen better days. A ‘Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe’ image if you will with dark counters and sweets in old fashioned bottles. One evening in walks eight year old Theo Trenton who has run away from his nanny and loves sweets. Appalled by the lack of parental responsibilities taking place, Rania is very ready to give his parents a piece of her mind over the phone only to have said parent turn up at the door to collect his son and after overcoming her initial attraction to Nicholas Trenton, Theo’s dad she learns that he is a single working parent and not just any old work but a Hollywood director! A town she has vowed to stay away from. Not only that but now he has asked her to be his son’s full time nanny in LA with him! The only question was, should she?…

So my debut novel starts in a sweet shop and although the setting moves very quickly to LA and is set there for most of the book, it got me thinking about the role of sweets in love and romance. After all the small chocolate drops manufactured by Hershey’s are called Hershey’s ‘Kisses’ and most of us would have been the giver or on the receiving end of those small pastel coloured love hearts that send the message ‘Be Mine’, ‘You Are Nice’ or ‘Be My Valentine.’ And talking of Valentines, what says I love you more than a dozen red roses and/ or a box of chocolates.

They say music is the food of love but I would have to disagree. I would say that sweets are the food of love more than music. Chocolates are said to release chemicals when eaten that are the same chemicals when you fall in love. If that is so then the role of sweets in love and romance is beyond proven, especially if you factor in the emotion you feel when given those sweets by that special person.

Sweets can range from the ridiculously expensive to the brilliantly cheap, the same fact remains for both. That when you are on the receiving end of a box/ packet of one of your favourites you can’t help but fall a little bit in love with the giver!

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