Summer Romance!

Because my Greek sailor is in Athens and not here, I will be spending the weekend reading a romance rather than living one, and so it is fortunate that I am the editor of a romance imprint.

There is nothing quite like a glass of wine and a good book, although the managing editor tells me that we cannot bring adult beverages into the Friday morning edit meeting, so that will have to wait until quitting time.

What delightfully romantic plans do you have for the weekend? Spill all the details in the comments!

Beginning Again


30 thoughts on “Summer Romance!

  1. Tara Mills

    I was going to hang some laundry on the line and go out on the lake in the canoe with my hubby but the sky clouded up and now its raining so I guess I’ll continue to read and work on my WIP.

  2. alexiabanks

    On Saturday, I will be attending a breakfast meeting for the South Florida Chapter of Romance Writers of America (WRA). Good food. Interesting people. A great way to jump start the weekend! And all of the stormy weather here provides the perfect opportunity to read, read and read. I have a few Crimson titles that I’m eager to begin. TGIF!

  3. terriponce

    I’m going for a run at 5:30 am. Yes. 5:30. There’s something about the sun breaking the horizon and the birds twittering through dawn that really motivates me. Then I’m taking my son for his ACT test. The rest of the time will be spent learning how to create a website through WordPress and writing, writing, writing!!! Oh, and somewhere in there, I’ll have some cocktails with my husband by the pool. 🙂

  4. peggybird

    Friday coffee and the usual political discussion with women friends then laundry. Tomorrow folding said laundry while watching Rose Festival Parade on TV. Tomorrow night, celebrating launch of “Beginning Again” at my art gallery with 30 or so friends. Sunday celebrating a high school graduation with a friend’s daughter. Someplace in there writing another 3k words on WIP. Through it all, praying to sun god to appear.

  5. KristinaKnight

    We’re having my daughter’s 4th birthday party this weekend (she doesn’t actually ‘turn’ for another week and a half, but this was the best option). So I’ll be knee-deep in toddlers and cake most of Saturday. Which means I’ll be diving into some kind of romance novel to recover from the madness starting Saturday evening…and I might have an adult beverage to two, too.

  6. Micah Persell

    Tonight, my husband graduates with his science degree (weren’t we talking about sexy nerds yesterday?). Tomorrow I also have a RWA chapter meeting (OCC represent!), and sometime in the mess, I am going to finish the first draft for the sequel to OF ETERNAL LIFE!

  7. Kay

    Spending time in SC with those that I love…swimming, riding scooters, water balloon fights, reading a good book, plotting a special romance and celebrating not only one upcoming Crimson Romance release, but now two.

  8. CaseyDawes

    I thought I had enough to do this weekend…but then I received the final edits for my upcoming novel, California Sunset. In addition to that….tonight I go to a friend’s concert, tomorrow is a half-day meeting, meal and love-fest with my amazing writer friends in RWA Montana. Sunday we’re making manicotti for friends who will be cat-sitting while we’re away on our vacation.

    Secret to no-fuss manicotti??? No-boil lasagna noodles!

  9. Diane Jewkes

    I am hoping this weekend to get some writing done, continue reading the Crimson Romances I have downloaded on my reader, and start replacing the carpeting on my staircase with wood. Not too romantic…but necessary!

  10. Irene

    I’m kicking off the weekend Friday night by going to Happy Hour with some other romance authors here in Austin.

    Saturday I’m finishing up Hot Off the Press by Meline Nadeau plus I’ll get a little work done on my next book.

    Sunday will be family-time. Maybe a little gardening, cooking dinner with Dream Man and maybe a movie in the evening.

  11. Carol

    Saturday I’m attending a double wedding shower. Ah, young love, isn’t it delightful? I’m into older love, almost thirty-nine years of marriage, and it’s delightful, too. Just in a different way. One great thing about writing romance is the love can be young or mature. . . it’s up to me. The rest of the weekend I plan on tweaking my book, Stubborn Hearts. Got to keep my editor happy. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

  12. nora snowdon

    i was really looking forward to watching the belmont stakes as “i’ll have another” raced to become the first triple crown winner in over thirty years! but just heard he got scratched due to tendonitis. sigh.
    maybe i’ll wash my hair. or paint the living room. or…

  13. Erin Richards

    I will be editing, since my editor just sent my edits yesterday! (Yay!) During my downtime, I’ll be reading a Crimson romance novel in my sunny backyard and catching up on Game of Thrones on my DVR and other things after a very hectic month culminating in the move of my mother into town last weekend.

  14. Sharon Clare

    I wish I was up to some romance, but will be entertaining a couple couples in my backyard tonight. Tomorrow I’m at an all day Donald Maass workshop!!! Woot–it’s my 2nd workshop with Donald, so I know it will give my brain a workout. Sunday will be edits time for Jennifer, and I’m helping to organizer our chapter writing contest, so must assign judges to entries, and my computer must be replaced this weekend or I will go insane. Better get busy!

    The weather is outstanding in Ontario today! Happy weekend to everyone!!

  15. Pam B Morris

    I get to host our critique group at my house! Since I live at least 25 miles from them all, I never get to have them and I’m so excited. So will be madly weeding and tilling to make the iris’s and lupines blooming stand out! Plus I have some fun galleys to read and review! And a spreadsheet to design and interview questions to answer and create! Where’s working on my new novel fit in? Jeesh… no sleep for the wicked! Everyone else sounds even busier than me, so NOT complaining. A Donald Maass workshop, fun in a gang. The Belmont… no Triple Crown winner as I’ll Have Another was scratched today. (Big bummer, thought he was the new crown prince!) And Denyse, you will LOVE Song for Sophia. I did! Birthday party, yeah I’m going to celebrate turning seven with my pet-buddy Finn. And happy hour…mmm! Sunset flights over lakes? Wait, Can I come live in your worlds? Just for a bit?

  16. Tessa Berkley

    Its Friday!!!! This weekend I’m going to be doing a bit of writing. However instead of sitting behind the computer, I’m taking pencil and paper out in the yard beneath the shade of the trees. With my IPod plugged in, I can listen to the music and write to my hearts content. Looks like everyone has lots of plans. I’ll root for the good weather so everyone can have a great time!

  17. dldauthor

    We have two sick dogs–the neighbor ran over one, completely destroyed her left eye. The other was spayed today, and not coming out of recovery like she should. So, my weekend will be writing, and doggie sitting. I may do SSS, if I can get signed up in time.

  18. Becky Lower

    I’m going to the chapter meeting of my local RWA on Saturday morning, which usually takes most of the day, since we all go to lunch afterwards and continue the merriment. Sunday, I’m planning to work on my WIP in the morning and plant my new rose bushes in the afternoon. Then pray for a nice gentle rain on Sunday night. I can dream, can’t I?

  19. stephaniemfreemanauthor

    Saturday morning is dedicated to my yarn addiction. I’ll be teaching knit and crochet classes over at a local library. Then off to shopping for a new summer wardrobe and I’ll end the evening with dinner and a movie with a set of handsome twins in tuxedos…. my cats, Socrates and Aristole. Sunday is all about writing. I’m sketching out a new book which is always exciting. Its a chance to visit with old friends and get to know new ones.

  20. Deborah

    The hubster and I are going to get all dressed up in tux and gown and go out —— NOT! It’s jeans and t-shirts and planting some flowers and weeding and walking dogs and…. maybe we’ll go to the movies and see Charlize Theron be a beautiful witch. 🙂