Soul Connectors

By Rachel James, author of The KindredThe Kindred

Every romance writer strives to tell a story so compelling that it will live in the minds and hearts of our readers forever. It doesn’t matter if we fling our characters back two thousand years, or hurl them forward two thousand. What matters is that we transport the reader to a world where love, romance, and happily-ever-after isn’t just a possibility, but a guaranteed thing.

For this reason, I think of romance writers as Soul Connectors—like the group of psychics portrayed in my novel, The Kindred. Oh, sure, we can toss our characters into life-and-death situations and then ask them to tap in to the hero lurking within to win the day, but ultimately that’s on the printed page. What we are really doing with our stories, I think, is asking our reader to connect with their own hero inside, so that when a horrendous day comes, we have the courage to shore up that heroism and act, no matter the danger to ourselves.

People helping people. Strangers helping strangers. That’s the true definition of a soul connection. And, when you get right down to it, isn’t that what romance novels should be about? People connecting with each other under the most extraordinary circumstances and winning the day? Yes, I think so, absolutely, positively, no doubt about it.