So You Want Prince Charming, Huh?

By Iris Leach, author of Looking for Prince Charming and A Taste of Honey

A Taste of HoneySo you want Prince Charming, huh?

So does my heroine, Glory Sandrin, in my first novel for Crimson Romance, Looking for Prince Charming.

Glory wants in a man…
Charming as the name implies
Rich is good, leave in rich.
Built like Daniel Craig and twice as sexy
Capable of holding conversation about everyday things, like shopping for
shoes and does my bum look too big in a size smaller jeans?
And, please God, a whiz in bed.
And he must hold her in adoration, worshipping at her feet, kissing the ground
she walks on, figuratively speaking of course.

And this is your kinda guy…
Sorry, no such man.

Men are like baking a cake. You need certain ingredients to make it perfect.
One ounce of arrogance
Two ounces of charm
Two ounces of kindness
Two ounces of generosity
Two ounces of good humor
Two ounces of consideration for others
Five ounces of totally sexy
Mix well, and bake in a hot bed for several hours

My hero, Edoardo Pisani has many flaws. He’s arrogant. He wants what he wants and gets it by foul means or good. Sound bad? Not at all, Edoardo is a man who needs, like all men, the love of a good (hmm maybe a little bit naughty) woman.

The guy you fall in love with, be him of short or tall stature, fat or lean, grumpy or a laugh a minute, is, to you, flawless, beyond the pointing finger. You tell the girls at work you’ve met Mr. Right. That he’s, well, cute. Your work piles up as you daydream about a white wedding and an island honeymoon.

How do you get him to pop the question?
Inviting him over for cocktails, dressed in a black silk nightgown, displaying just a hint of your pert breasts? No!
By astounding him with your knowledge of politics or if oil prices will go up or down, maybe sprouting Shakespeare off by heart? No!
By just being the girl he was first attracted to. By simply being yourself. Yes, that’s it!

And so you are married, and he wears his socks to bed, burps at the dinner table and watches football, unshaven and in an old track suit you’ve wanted to throw out for months. Maybe his sigh is deep and long when you tell him your mother is staying for a couple of weeks. And twice this month he’s forgotten to take out the garbage. And occasionally he forgets your wedding anniversary, but never forgets your birthday and gives you the most thoughtful gifts.

Close your eyes to his flaws.
He’s totally gorgeous, and he’s all yours.

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