Saying Goodbye to Characters

By Nicole Flockton, author of Seducing Phoebe, Rescuing Dawn, and Masquerade

Seducing PhoebeNo, this isn’t a blog post about when we kill off characters, I’m not sure I could do that to any of mine. But hey, you never know, tomorrow I might find that I do indeed have that annoying character who needs to die.

What I’m talking about is when you finish a connected story series and you have to say goodbye to the people that have kept you company for the last couple of years.

My latest release, Seducing Phoebe, is the final book of a connected series from my very first Crimson Romance release – Masquerade, which came out in October last year. When I wrote Masquerade I never thought that I would get another two books out of it. Maybe one extra story — Phoebe’s — story had flitted across my mind. But I definitely didn’t think I’d write a story for Dawn, my heroine from my June release Rescuing Dawn. It’s funny how characters come and tell you who they really are and everything you thought you knew about them was wrong.

As we write our stories, our characters become good friends. You cry when they cry. You get angry at them when they won’t do what you want them to do, and believe me, Phoebe was a bit that way. And you rejoice when they realize that the person of their dreams is standing right in front of them.

When you have spent so long with them, having to say goodbye to them is hard. You don’t want to let go of the people that have become important to you. These characters from Masquerade to Rescuing Dawn to Seducing Phoebe have all played a big part of my life for the last twelve months. These characters have formed the backbone of my career as an author.

When Masquerade came out I worried that I wouldn’t have any more stories in me. That I would be a “one story author.” Fortunately for me Dawn and Phoebe spoke up and told me they wanted to have their own happy ever after like Alex and Sophie. Being the good author that I am I answered their calls. Luckily for me the great crew at Crimson Romance liked my stories as well and here they are available for you to read.

So while I’m excited to have my third Crimson Book out and fourth over all, I’m sad to say goodbye to the people I have spent so much time with. But I know that all I have to do is fire up the e-reader and there they are, waiting for me to read them.

As a reader are you sad when a series finishes and you won’t see those familiar characters again?

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