Romantic Chores?

By Jess Verdi, Crimson Romance’s Assistant Editor and Website Guru

The 100 Best Romance NovelsThose of us in the northern hemisphere of good old planet Earth are well into Spring, and you know what that means — Spring cleaning! But, hey, according to The 100 Best Romance Novels: From Pride and Prejudice to Twilight, Books to Fall in Love — and Lust — With, written by Crimson Romance’s core editorial team, housework can be sexy!

Here’s our list of the Top Five Most Romantic Chores:

1. Gardening — working together to make those flowers bloom.

2. Cooking — you chop while he sautés, or vice versa.

3. Walk the dog — and catch up with each other on how the day has gone.

4. Grocery shopping — pick out some fun, sexy food for play!

5. Do something your sweetie hates as a gesture of love — or offer a bedroom game in exchange for his doing a chore you hate!

What are your favorite “sexy” household chores?


One thought on “Romantic Chores?

  1. Beverly A Rogers

    Never thought of it as sexy, Jess, but once when we were doing the laundry, I hid my husbands underwear (even took all the already clean ones out of his drawer) so he had to ask me the next time he needed underwear. He’s used to my practical (and IMpractical) jokes so he knew right away it was gonna be a process to get them back. We had fun with that one.