Picking a Romantic Destination

What a Texas Girl WantsBy Kristina Knight, author of What a Texas Girl Wants (Crimson, June 2012)
It’s no secret that I love vacations. Whether it’s a weekend alone in a cabin with the Most Fabulous Husband In The World or a family-filled adventure trekking through the Colorado Rockies, I’m always game for a little trip. This is where my heroine, Kathleen, and I differ greatly.

Kathleen isn’t much of a traveler. In fact, had she not completely shut down every aspect of her life except horse training, she would probably never have wound up in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico at all…much less at the exact same time as Jackson. But months of doing nothing except horse training, of seeing no one except her loving and slightly over-protective family had Kathleen at her wit’s end and so – she threw a dart at a map.

Seriously. You don’t see this part of the book in the book, but when life reaches the breaking point for her, Kathleen literally throws a dart at a map and that is where she goes. That particular part of her backstory had me sighing, wishing I could throw a dart at a map and hop on a plane.

Of course, in the real world vacations rarely happen that way. But there are three tips I have for choosing the perfect (romantic) getaway. Here goes:

First, think about what is romantic to you. For me, romance always involves a beach. My husband proposed on a beach, at sunset (I’m telling you, ladies, Most Fabulous Husband in the World). I developed my first crush (pre-husband) at dawn on a beach when I met my first real-life surfer. So, if I were picking a romantic destination, it would involve a beach. You might prefer a secluded mountain cabin or a bustling, busy city like Paris (*sigh* Paris is a veryclose second place finisher for me) or maybe somewhere lush and exotic like Bali.

Second, your destination should not include the kids. Seriously! Kids have their place – I happen to love a family getaway with my four-year-old. But on a romantic weekend? Not so much. So employ the grandparents or a favorite aunt and uncle, ditch the diapers and embrace that sexy lingerie you’ve been hiding in the bottom drawer!

Third, let your significant other have some say. Trust me, it’ll keep him happier. Your idea of the perfect romantic getaway might include a couples massage, essential oils and…well, romance. Your significant other might need a little more, shall we say, action. So if you’re all about relaxation-as-romance and he’s all about adventure-as-romance, try to choose a place that will allow you both to indulge.

Now, go throw a dart at a map and see where it takes you!

3 thoughts on “Picking a Romantic Destination

  1. jw ashley

    I love the backstory (that didn’t quite make it into the novel.) Having those kinds of details is one of the most enjoyable bits about writing I think. Now, let’s see… my dream vacation… definitely nowhere that has this kind of summer heat.

  2. KristinaKnight

    LOL – when I’m in the heat of summer, all I want is COLD. In the middle of winter with snow drifts 3 feet high, all I can think about is a 90-something degree day and the pool. I guess we always want what we don’t have, hmm?

  3. PM Kavanaugh

    Bali sounds really GREAT to me right now. Anyplace where we can walk around at night, holding hands, and yep, TALKING. That definitely makes me feel closer to my husband which is a great prelude to…ahem…action! Fun post.