Pick Your Favorite Hero!

Hint: Your favorite hero is a Greek sailor, right?

We’re running a poll here at Crimson Romance, asking romance readers what their favorite kind of hero is. (The poll is over there on the right.) And I know you’ll agree with me that there are all kinds of hot heroes in this world.

But — considering that I’m the editor of Crimson Romance — you’d think my favorite hero (Greek sailor) would be winning!

The reason the cowboy is winning is because we have a couple of fantastic cowboy heroes in our launch titles and now everyone is picking the cowboy!

The Bull Rider's BrotherThis cannot be. The Greek sailor must win. So, go over to the poll, click on Greek sailor (or, all right, any hero), then tell me in the comments why you love your favorite kind of hero.

– Jennifer



30 thoughts on “Pick Your Favorite Hero!

  1. alexiabanks

    My favorite hero? Easy. A Rock Star type that knows how to use power tools. If he’s a little exotic, say, Native American or foreign born, that’s a plus. Definitely like the combo of olive skin, dark hair and light eyes. Sounds a lot like my fiance! LOL

  2. Deborah

    I am still so sad… no Roman warrior in the contest. Bronzed breastplate showing magnificent abs. Leather warrior’s skirt – much more seductive than any kilt. Oh, where, oh, where is Magnus? 😉

    P.S. He’s coming soon, in the July 2 Crimson Romance release, LOVE, ETERNALLY.

  3. nikkielocke

    I was weak. I saw Highland Warrior and clicked like mad! I have a weakness for a man in a kilt. Julie Garwood’s historical novels featuring her yummy Highlanders got me hooked on romance in the ninth grade. There’s been no turning back. I may write suspense novels- and Lord knows I love me some paranormals- I just can’t resist those Highlanders.

  4. Tara Mills

    I wanted to vote for the policeman but it won’t allow me to do it. Could that be because I spent my first vote on the Greek sailor for Jennifer? I suppose. Can’t skew the results. Give me a rumpled Peter Falk in his overcoat and I’m a happy camper. Or the sophisticated and always elegant Cary Grant. Weird, both of these guys could have been my grandfather.

  5. Micah Persell

    Come on all you “other paranormal hero” voters! There are 37 of us! Time to represent! I love how authors are getting creative in paranormal romance these days. Vampires are taking the back seat to werewolves, angels, other animal shapeshifters–even Beserkers! It’s like a mythology lesson when you pick up one of these wonderful heroes’ books!