One Christmas Later (A ‘Holiday Hoopla’ Epilogue)

By Dana Volney, author of Holiday Hoopla

Holiday HooplaHoliday Hoopla is a book that is near and dear to my heart. It incorporates everything I love about the holiday season: Christmas lights, hot chocolate and love. Often times after finishing a good book I want to know more about the characters I’ve spent so much time with. Halle and Blake were no different. Here is a snippet from their happily ever after.

One Christmas later…

Halle’s gaze wandered across the wide red, green and silver decorated dance hall and locked with her husband, Blake’s sultry brown eyes. He stood casually, one hand in his pocket talking with a group of friends, all eyes focused on him. Always the center of attention. She stifled a smile. Naturally. The black lines of his dashing suit cut and curved his muscular build. She winked at him and the ends of his lips curved up. Man, oh man do I love knowing what is under that fabric. She grabbed a fresh beer and wine from the open bar and walked toward him, navigating the crowd without taking her green eyes off of him.

They were at a fundraiser for a charity the Ellison family bank, North Platte River Bank, was sponsoring. It was a nice change of pace from the other events they had to attend during the holiday season. She took a deep breath of Blake’s evergreen scent, handed him the beer and entwined her arm with his. He looked at her and air stopped in her lungs. He’s so handsome. They’d been together nearly a year and the way her husband’s eyes looked at her, like he could see into her soul, affected her every time. It was a toe curling trance that had yet to go away. Part of her expected the thrill to lessen over time; all of her hoped it never would. So far, her feelings and desire had only increased. She couldn’t wait to get home, slip off the lacey gray dress with yellow belt and nude heels, let down her pinned up blonde locks and curl up, skin to skin, next to her husband on their couch at the ranch.

“Thanks, honey.” He wrapped his strong arm around her waist and pulled her close, kissing her temple. She briefly closed her eyes, letting the enjoyment of his touch spread throughout her body, over her skin and down to her pink polished toes.

She used to think the holidays were drab and restless. Now she knew what to do with that restless feeling and it all centered on her husband. For the second year in a row she was excited about the new year and all of its wonderful possibilities.