No Rhyme or Reason – Just Love.

By Samantha Anne, author of Kirby

KirbyI must have written and rewritten this post ten times in about as many days. The truth is, while I’m always super eager to participate and share my thoughts on this amazing site, I had no idea where I was going with this. It wasn’t until the tenth hour (as usual) that, as I stared at a blank Word document, I finally asked myself, “What would you want to share with your friends?”

The answer came to me quickly – love. I’m no stranger to heartache, and neither are my very best friends. And it hurts me more than anything to see them ask the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ when a boyfriend or girlfriend hurts their feelings. Maybe it’s some hidden maternal instinct, or maybe I just love the mess out of my besties; the fact remains that I’m happiest when my homegirls are happy.

I wrote this rhymeless poem a few years ago, when one of my very best friends was nursing a broken heart. She, like many of us, wanted nothing more than to find her ‘happily ever after.’ And when all seemed lost, I simply wanted to remind her that she was loved – maybe not the toe-curling, romantic love that all of us Crimsonistas love to write and swoon about, but certainly the unconditional love that only a true and loyal friend or family member can give. And when one brings their heart ‘back to basics,’ they can heal and learn to let another in again:


…my girlfriends and I having a night out at the nearest dive with a jukebox, laughing and dancing.

…crying together at the same spot when one of us has a sad moment.

…rallying together for a cause, especially when that cause is beer or band related. (smile)

…my twice baked potatoes, apparently. (smile again)

…connecting emotionally, and then connecting over something hysterical ten seconds later – like we always do.

…knowing that I always think about you, even if my days are too crazy.


When the world seems to be shattering around me, I’ve got us. And, as dramatic as it seems, if I never date again I would be okay, because I know that love will always remain in my life; honest, respectful love. The kind of love that doesn’t go away because I’m too fat, and doesn’t disappear because I’m not as pretty as you thought. The kind of love that doesn’t cease when something more intriguing comes along. It feels good to know that, while men may come and go, I’ve got you all. Despite my quirks and flaws, you love me. Really. It comforts me to know that neither time nor distance can change that; I hope it does the same for you.

See? No rhyme or reason – just love. It’s the kind of love we should all be spreading; friendship, camaraderie, and delicious wishes. I wish peace and love for my best friends, and I wish you all the same. And even if your ‘happily ever after’ doesn’t include the prince, the white horse, or the castle – take comfort in knowing that it’s still there, in the arms of besties.


6 thoughts on “No Rhyme or Reason – Just Love.

  1. LivRancourt

    Lovely post, Samantha. I think growing up means learning to see the wisdom in your poem. Everyone has to figure it out their own way – some just get married first. Finding that level of acceptance from the people around you is the key to real happiness, imho.

    1. Samantha Anne

      I agree! We’ve all been plugged into that “Happily Ever After” dream for so long, that it’s considered the norm; women, to this day, are still regarded (though teasingly as opposed to shamefully) as spinsters when they hit a certain age and haven’t been married. ‘Happily Ever After’ doesn’t always include the husband and white picket fence. Some women lose themselves in finding Mr. Right and never get to explore the fact that maybe they were meant to achieve something different. Love is all around, and usually the best kind is staring you right in the face. 🙂

  2. Deborah O'Neill Cordes

    I have an acquaintance who is married to a man she doesn’t love, and I think that is the saddest state of all. There are so many ways to be happy and loved today – thank goodness! You wrote an excellent article, Samantha. Best wishes and much success with KIRBY.