My Not-So-Typical Heroes

By Eliza Daly, author of Under Her Spell and Identity Crisis

Identity CrisisI was talking with a friend the other day about heroes and a Willie Nelson song popped into my head, “My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys.” I’ve never had a cowboy hero, but it started me thinking about the fact that I’ve never written the same type of hero. My heroes aren’t always cowboys, doctors, or lawyers. I’m an equal opportunity writer when it comes to heroes, except that I tend to write alpha heroes. My heroes have been a divorce lawyer, a U.S. Marshal, an airline owner, a Parisian puppeteer, and even a ghost.

My heroes are much more diverse than my heroines. I’m an event planner, so I’ve written several heroines with the same profession. I realized that when I start writing a book I generally know the heroine’s story, but not the hero’s. In my romantic comedy, Under Her Spell, the heroine Monica is a romantic event planner, so having the hero Reed be a divorce lawyer spelled trouble and great conflict. In my current release, Identity Crisis, Olivia learns she was placed in the Federal Witness Security Program when she was five years old. What better hero to protect her than U.S. Marshal Ethan Ryder. Now, just because I usually know the heroine’s story before the hero’s doesn’t mean his story is less important than hers. Ethan is a flawed character and only Olivia can help him get over his haunted past. And of course, Ethan is the only man who can earn Olivia’s trust and keep her alive.

So who is the hero in my work in progress, the follow-up book to Under Her Spell? The heroine Jordan is a psychic, who plans a romantic event for someone when the person’s significant other is deceased. Who would be her perfect hero? You’ll have to wait and see. I’ll give you one hint, he’ll be alive.

What is your favorite type of hero? Do you tend to prefer alpha, beta, or gamma heroes? Do you prefer heroes with a specific career, like cowboys, FBI agents, or Navy Seals?

12 thoughts on “My Not-So-Typical Heroes

  1. Laila Blake

    I have a thing for Byronic Heroes, tortured and hurting and creative. And, yes, they have an alpha tendency, but I also have a story in my head in which the hero might need some more prodding. The heroes I like to write about in contemporary usually work in some kind of creative field or have unfulfilled creative ambitions – then again, that also tends to be true for the heroines. 😉

  2. Eliza Daly

    I love the creative type heroes Laila. I’ve written a tortured artist and I’m finishing up a women’s fiction book set in Paris in which the hero is a puppeteer. I tend to torture my heroes a bit more than my heroines. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by today!

  3. LivRancourt

    I’ve sat here for the last ten minutes, trying to decide which type of hero I truly prefer. Ack. Too hard. I’m an equal-opportunity hero-worshiper. Pretty much if the heroine likes him, and I identify with her, that’s good enough for me.

  4. S.D.Taylor

    In fiction, definitely it’s alpha all the way. In real life, my husband. He’s an alpha with a sensitive caring heart. Sometimes too sweet for words…sometimes well, I leave that. I love an educated man with a sense of humor in a book and across the dinner table from me.

    1. Eliza Daly

      Yay! So glad you enjoyed Under Her Spell Sophie. Thanks so much for reading it. The hero in the sequel might just be a bit on the artsy side. Hmm… Thanks for popping by!