Men Don’t Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses

By Becky Lower, author of Blinded by GraceThe Tempestuous Debutante, Banking on TemperanceThe Abolitionist’s Secret, and The Reluctant Debutante

Blinded by GraceRemember that old saying “Men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses?”

I was born with crossed eyes, and had three operations by the time I was five to successfully straighten them out. As a result of my early problems, I’ve worn glasses since I was a toddler, so I heard this expression a lot while I was growing up. I went the contacts route when I got to high school, but eventually came back to glasses, which are now so much a part of my face I sometimes forget to take them off. Can’t tell you how many times my glasses have been splattered by water as I attempt to wash my face at night.

Since I am so dependent on my glasses for my daily existence, it got me to wondering what happened before the invention of glasses? Or before people made regular trips to the eye doctor? What if the most perfect woman in the world slipped away simply because a man couldn’t see her from across a crowded room?

Halwyn Fitzpatrick is the myopic hero in Blinded By Grace. He’s been quietly in the background during several of the novels about the Fitzpatricks that preceded this one, but has never had his moment in the sun. He works at the bank with his father, adding sums all day, and taking care of the minutia of contracts. He can see up close very well, and no one guessed he had an eye problem until now. His new glasses give him a fresh perspective on things, including the ladies who hug the edges of the room at the Cotillion.

Unlike Superman, who takes off his glasses to become a superhero, Halwyn’s new glasses turn him into a knight in shining armor. And just in the nick of time.

What about the hero in your life? Does he wear glasses? Is he wonderfully bald on top? Does he strive for rock-hard abs but never quite gets there? It really doesn’t matter if he’s not perfect in the eyes of the world. He only needs to be perfect in yours. Go right now, and plant a big kiss on your own knight in shining armor.