Making Art a Part of Writing

by Peggy Bird, author of Beginning Again (June 2012, Crimson Romance)

Beginning AgainI started writing romance novels a couple years ago when the two passions of my creative life threw a couple characters at me. They demanded I combine my writing with my work as a glass artist. It could be they wanted me to write about a rising star in the art glass world so I’d face the fact I’ll never be more than competent as a glass artisan, a damned-with-faint-praise description of my skill level. Maybe they just wanted to get out of my head and into existence.

Whatever the reason, as soon as I started writing about my new friends, I realized how rich a vein I’d tapped. Like writers, the visual artists I know don’t fit neatly into a mold. They are from all ages and stages of life. Their work is fabulous, interesting, puzzling and inscrutable. They inspire me with their guts, their talent and their dreams.

So I wrote about characters with those characteristics. First a gallery owner and a sculptor, then a glass artist. Next up, a high-end jewelry maker, followed by a photographer. A couple cops and a DA showed up but that was to give me an excuse to kill off a few folks, including a glass artist with a skill level about like mine. (Unlike me, he didn’t appreciate the work of a more talented artist.)

Now my writing is inspiring my glass. I’m working on creating the glass art I’ve described in my books. So far, my fictional artists are still better than I am but I have until December, when the next show of “Amanda’s” work will be exhibited, to improve. Wish me luck.

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