Magic in the Air

By Rachel James, author of The Sacred Circle and The Kindred

The Sacred Circle‘Tis the season of sleigh rides, caroling in the snow, and presents under the Christmas tree. In every way, and every day, magic spills out of doorways and fills the air, touching our hearts and infusing us with feelings of love, especially for family. Is it any wonder that I’m thrilled that my new novel, The Sacred Circle, was published on December 23rd? After all, my book is all about love and magic—but, the modern-day witch’s kind. It’s also about redemption, of coming home, and re-igniting the passion for life again. And of course, finding true love along the way. And isn’t that what Christmas is really all about? The magical birth of a baby with the power to alter our lives forever?

What makes magic so special at this time of year, or any time of year? That’s easy. It’s all about the recipe used to make the magic. In the case of The Sacred Circle, you conjure up two very interesting ingredients, namely Brianna and Devlin (star-crossed lovers and bitter enemies). Then you stir the pot by adding in some magical talent and skills for them both—of the Wicca kind. You then add a lot of conflict (banishment, an unexpected marriage, un-Sacred Circles, bitter rivalries, revenge, etc.). And then you put the ingredients in the oven (or in this case, the Coven) to simmer; by the time the ingredients have been cooked to perfection, you’ve produced something delicious for the reader to dine on.

Where does the joy of magic live? To a hopeless romantic, such as me, it’s found in the arms of two star-crossed lovers seeking forgiveness and a love to last a lifetime. Again, is it any wonder I’m thrilled that The Sacred Circle is being released during the holiday season? What better Christmas present to be left under the tree than a book filled with the magic of love and romance and happily ever after?

Yep, it may be the season of stringing popcorn and leaving milk and cookies for Santa by the fireplace, but, more importantly, it’s the season for conjuring up a magic spell in our hearts and then sharing it with someone who is in need of healing magic. After all, when we help, we elevate our life to that of a true High Priestess and Magician.