Love’s Little Mysteries

By Eliott McKay, author of Midnight Engagement

Midnight EngagementLove’s Little Mysteries:

Once, while out on my evening walk, the heavens graced me with an enchanting sunset. The clouds glowed like molten pots of honey and the air was infused with the clean sarsaparilla of an oncoming storm. Its beauty was such as to fill me with wonder and rendered its glory memorable. It was the kind of view that needed sharing and I yearned for a bit of companionship.

When I got back to the parking lot, I found a note on my windshield, that read:

I love it when you come and walk. Seeing you makes my day. You are perfect.

My desire had been answered, and it fostered the thrill of a subtle mystery!

The walking path circumnavigated acres of greenery studded with office buildings. I could only assume that my admiring friend worked in one of those establishments, but I had the feeling he was watching me at that very moment, and I’m sure the glow that erupted inside of me diffused outward.

A good love story should always have a little mystery, it should make our hearts skip a beat, engender hope in our breasts, and reflect the patterns of a meaningful life. It transforms everything, makes the bland beautiful, adds sparkle to the eye, and turns the forlorn into magnets of joy.

Midnight Engagement, released by Crimson Romance, is a story of love, filled with those special mysteries that distill into our souls and abate the heartache of life, allowing our inner-light to shine… one page at a time. I hope to be there with you.

Eliott McKay
Spreading Joy Writing Books

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