Living with ‘The Enemy’

By Callie Hutton, author of Daniel’s Desire

Daniel's DesireI want to be alone…

When Marlene Dietrich uttered those few words, it must have been when her adult children lived at home.

I remember shedding tears when my son was a baby just thinking about when he would grow up and leave me. Now I shed tears thinking he won’t. Oh, don’t get me wrong. He’s left. Several times. But like the plagues of Egypt he always returns. Usually with baggage. Of the human and animal type. Needless to say he never returns flush with money.

My daughter left this past summer for a job in another state. But of course she returned, because she’s still in college. However, she re-entered our lives with the attitude that now she’s been on her own, there’s no need to keep Mom and Dad abreast of what she’s doing, or where she’s going. She also buys her own food—that she hides from her brother, and cooks in the middle of the night.

They both borrow my and hubby’s clothes—still can’t figure out how my son with his size eleven shoe squeezed his foot into my socks. They bristle at any attempt we make to offer advice, but we’re the first ones they turn to when a crisis hits. Mom can solve anything.
Meanwhile Mom would love to wake up to a clean kitchen. Be able to see the remote in the same place she left it last night. Open the dryer and not find clothes left in there. Start her car and not see the fuel gage on empty.

But on the other hand, they make me laugh. A lot. They’re funny, smart, and talented. And they’re all mine.

However, there are days I think about starting a Witness Protection Program for parents with adult children. From what I hear from friends, I think I would fill the open spots pretty fast.

In my book Daniel’s Desire, Rosemarie has three children that Daniel falls in love with right away. In fact, it’s his kindness to her children that warms this rebel-hating woman’s heart.
Good thing Daniel didn’t arrive ten years later when three adorable children had turned into ‘The Enemy.’

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