Keeping Romance Alive

by Heather Thurmeier, author of Falling For You

Heather ThurmeierIt can be hard to keep the romance alive and well in your relationship over the years. Add work responsibilities, children, pets, and everything else pulling us in multiple directions each day and you end up with a whole lot of time spent doing stuff that’s not the least bit romantic. So how do you keep the romance alive?

1. Sneak in a little romance wherever you can. Maybe it’s a kiss or a hug in the kitchen while you’re cooking dinner. Maybe it’s whispering those beautiful three little words weekly or better yet, daily.

2. Do something special for your significant other for no reason. Some of the best gifts I’ve gotten are the ones that don’t come on a holiday or birthday. And I’m not talking big sparkly presents—although those are always welcome too! I’m really talking about little things. Like when my husband drops the kids off at school and then swings back home with a fresh, hot coffee and bagel because he knows I’m too knee deep in edits to fix myself breakfast. Or when he stops to buy the groceries on the way home so I don’t have to drag the kids out in the rain. It’s the little things.

3. Go out for date nights again. Sure, you’ve been together for what seems like forever, and you haven’t needed to ‘date’ since… well, since you dated. But date nights are still great. And they’re still important! Date nights out of the house give you time away from the obligations of daily life. When was the last time you sat and really talked about something other than work, kids, the house or any of those other things that keep us busy? Now’s your chance to have a glass of wine, eat a delicious meal and stare lovingly into each other’s eyes.

4. Disconnect just for an evening. Even if you can’t get a babysitter or don’t want to spend the money to go out to dinner and a movie, you can still have a great date night in by disconnecting from all of those tech devices we love. Shut of your phone, TV and computers, light the fireplace if you have one or a few candles if you don’t, pop some frozen appetizers into the over for a late night snack and uncork a cheap bottle of bubbly champagne. Maybe by disconnecting from the outside world, you’ll reconnect with you special someone!

Falling for YouFor Cassidy, the main character in Falling for You, going on a reality dating TV show meant disconnecting from everything in her normal life. No TV, no phones, no Internet, and nothing to distract her from her feelings for the bachelor Brad—or her hunky cameraman Evan! Cassidy often had to face these new feelings in the most romantic settings as both men turned on the charm to woo her—a picnic dinner overlooking the mountains, a spontaneous kiss when the cameras weren’t looking, and steamy glances meant for her eyes only. But when the cameras stop rolling, who will stick around long enough to keep the romance alive with Cassidy?

3 thoughts on “Keeping Romance Alive

  1. M.J. Schiller

    Good tips, Heather! We instituted a rule many years ago and it has stuck. Mommy gets to tell Daddy about her day first. I like the privilege, and it may be the only opportunity we have to talk for the rest of the evening, so it’s good to get it in there right away! We’ve been married for over twenty-four years and I think it’s because we put our marriage first. Another thing we like to do is play a game together every night. We play Text Twist online and it’s just a way for us to do something together, even if it’s only for fifteen minutes.