Interrogating the Hero and Heroine of Retribution

By Winter Austin, author of Relentless and Retribution

RetributionAs an author I’m put on the spot quite a bit with interviews. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking about me, who doesn’t? But I thought this time my hero and heroine could be tossed under the bus, oops, I mean put on the spot. 🙂

Just a bit of background on Detective Remy LeBeau and cowgirl Cody Lewis. They were first introduced in my novel Relentless. From the moment they met things have been tense between them. What with Cody surviving a determined serial killer and Remy having to face some difficult decisions in regards to Cody. It’s five months later and we find our intrepid hero caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. And … well … it appears Cody isn’t in any better situation.


The last time we met our interview ended a bit abruptly.
C: We can blame that one on Remy. (Smile)
R: (Eyes Cody)

I see you two have gotten along famously so far. So, Cody, we’ve all heard how tough it is to be on the other side of the law enforcement. The readers want to know what’s it like dating a cop?
C: Short answer; interesting. Long answer, its hard, kinda like roping a wild cow and milking her into a Coke bottle.
R: Did you just compare dating me to a milking a cow?
C: (Twiddles her thumbs and whistles Dixie)

Well, Remy, on your end; what’s it been like to date a barrel racer who is on the road a lot?
R: It’s been a challenge. There are times I want to see her, but she’s not home. And without fail, it seems she’s driving through some area where there’s no cell reception. But when she’s home, we get in as much time together as possible. Until my job drags me away.

You both have careers that pull you in opposite directions, but it sounds like you’re trying to work around them. This next question is for both of you. When you manage time together, have you noticed any habits the other has that drives you nuts?
C: Hmm, when he goes on a rant in French. It’s not a bad thing when he talks in French, but there are times I think he does it just to hide something from me. And I don’t understand, so it sucks.
R: She’s too nosy for her own good. One day it’ll come back to bite her.
C: So you think.

All right, last one; Remy first. What is the one thing that surprised you about Cody?
R: Her uncanny ability with animals. I watched her stare down an angry mama cow that wanted to charge Cody’s horse. I was certain that old cow would take them both down, but Cody just kept staring at it. Finally, the old gal turned tail and ran off. Never seen the like before.
C: Honestly, that ole momma cow was just protecting her baby. I was just letting her know I wasn’t there for her.

Interesting. Okay, Cody, you’re turn; what is the one thing that surprised you about Remy?
C: (Sighs) I’d have to say it’s seeing how much he cares about the family members who are affected when someone they love is killed. He really advocates for them, and he never gives up on them. Makes me wish sometimes he could have been in charge of my momma’s case.

(Sniff) That’s sweet. Well, that’s all I have for you two. Thanks for doing this.
C&R: Welcome.

You can read more about Cody and Remy in Retribution and their first book, Relentless. Both books now available.

If there were one question you could ask a character, what would it be?