How Second Chance Came About

Author Linda Kepner was one of the very first people to send a manuscript for consideration to Crimson, and I will always be so thankful that she did. I loved this story from its first incarnation and have developed a strong hankering to visit Reunion Island someday.

And no one was more delighted than I to learn that this lovely, lyrical historical came about because the author was working on a science fiction novel! Authors find inspiration even where you wouldn’t expect them to find it.

Linda shared this story about her book, Second Chance:

Second ChanceLinda: I have been writing and imagining stories for as long as I have been able to hold a pencil. I was actually researching information for a science-fiction character, an attractive master of a space station, when I first stumbled upon Reunion Island and got the idea of placing Louis Dessant there – and I worked backward to create the sort of woman whom he might grow to love.

Telling the story from Bishou’s point of view allowed me to show the pain of her family life as well as her ability to meet the challenges of her daily world. Much of what Bishou teaches can be found in the World Studies syllabi of Eisenhower College, my alma mater.

12 thoughts on “How Second Chance Came About

  1. KristineOverbrook

    That’s so great! It’s really interesting to know where the inspiration comes from. I can’t wait to read this book. It sounds intriguing.

  2. denysecohen

    That’s so interesting, Linda! I took a Developing World studies class at my alma mater, CalState-LA, and it was wonderful. I think it’s great your idea came from such a place, I’m intrigued to read your novel.

  3. Linda Kepner

    Like Jessica herself, I had trouble thinking of 1969 as ‘historical’ – I’m usually thinking Empire waistlines and horse-and-chaises. But it seems like 1969 is coming back into style (look at Men In Black 3D!), so maybe I’m on the crest of a wave.

  4. Sharon Clare

    I love how you were inspired by your studies. I love historicals as much as paranormals. Sounds like you may have a paranormal story to tell too. Beautiful cover!