Heroes! We Need More Heroes!

I know, I know, you’ve been too busy to vote for the Greek sailor. But you’ll do it today, right? Because that poll is going to stay over there until the Greek sailor wins. That’s the power of being the editor, my friends.

Okay, so the poll will stay over there until the web guy says, “It’s time to change the poll, Jennifer,” and then it’ll be something else. We have no way of knowing when the web guy will say this, so vote now.

In the meantime, I see that y’all have a thing for highland warriors, so the next item on my acquisitions wishlist is a fanastic romance featuring a highland warrior. (See how crafty we editors are?) (And you thought it must be harder than that to run a publishing imprint.)

Someone pointed out in the comments that we’re missing a Roman warrior and a musician from the list of hot heroes. Who else isn’t on the list? Tell us in the comments. One Hit Wonder


24 thoughts on “Heroes! We Need More Heroes!

  1. Deborah

    Okay, I’m still on a historical bent – and the Roman warrior will always be my fav – but what about a medieval knight? The chain mail might be a little hard to remove, but underneath, he’s going to be all muscle from wielding that big, big sword.

  2. nikkielocke

    I’m liking the nerdy guy idea. There is just something about a man with a brain. Yummy. The love of Doctor Who, Converse, and books doesn’t hurt either…

  3. LynnC

    Anyone played by Matthew McConaughey. Jeez, I love that man. Even in the dragon movie where he didn’t look like himself at all.

    And a Nicholas Cage character. The man just has a draw. Not handsome in a greek sailor type of way. But a heart beater just the same.

  4. Sharon Clare

    I admit I voted for the Highland Warrior. Speak to me in Scottish brogue and I melt. We don’t have any pirates. Does a swashbuckler shiver anyone’s timbers?

  5. Kay

    A vote for the Greek sailor, it is! Construction worker? I can remember some really hot construction guys working without their shirts a time or two.