From the First Taste

By Coco Rousseau, author of Age of Innocence: The Wild and Wanton Edition and A Room With a View: The Wild and Wanton Edition

The Age of Innocence: The Wild and Wanton Edition, Volume 1His hand rose slowly to her mouth. Her breath hastened with trepidation. What he held to her lips was unimaginable, though desirous if she were to admit her feelings. She touched his hand as if she might stop him.

“I…I…” Her voice was labored, intense.

Although he did not let her protest, but hushed her with soothing words. “Don’t be afraid, my love.”

Her breasts budded with excitement. She suddenly felt faint. Would she swoon? Feigning résistance was futile. Forbearance had long passed, discourse, too. He parted her lips with a finger and touched the tip of it to her tongue.

“Taste it,” he whispered.

Quivering with apprehension, her eyes met his and then closed. She would do as he asked. Be brave…

From the first taste, life irrevocably changed. Her taste buds burst with erotic pleasure. The soft, silky texture on her tongue was utterly delectable. Rich and velvety, melting like a sublime butter.

“Faire l’amour,” she said, rolling her tongue. “What is this heavenly treasure?”

The first heart-shaped boxes of chocolates produced for St. Valentine’s Day were delivered to beloved sweethearts in the late 1860s. While Spain may have been the first to import chocolate beans to Europe from Central America, roasting and brewing them for a delectable drink, it wasn’t long before the rest of Europe soon caught onto the craze. In the late 1790s, the first chocolate factory opened its doors in America, but it wasn’t until the mid-1840s that Joseph Fry made the first chocolate bar. And once milk chocolate—the golden child of all sweets—burst onto the scene with Daniel Peter adding sugar to the concoction, life has never been the same, at least for chocolate lovers worldwide.

From the first taste of chocolate, it’s either true love, or… I’d despair to think otherwise. When in love, the only gift aside from the kiss on St. Valentine’s Day is chocolate.

With love,
Coco Rousseau