Feeling Hungry? Top Five Romantic Dinners

Sometimes there’s just nothing better than sharing a quiet romantic dinner with your loved one, am I right? According to The 100 Best Romance Novels: From Pride and Prejudice to Twilight, Books to Fall in Love — and Lust — With, by Crimson Romance editors Jennifer Lawler, Julie Sturgeon, and Jessica Verdi, there are a few dishes that are particularly sexy. Here’s our top five list:

Romantic dinner1. Chilled shrimp and champagne. Substitute oysters for aphrodisiac quality.

2. Steak and lobster.

3. Asparagus risotto for the vegetarian.

4. For women, anything on a picnic!

5. For men, anything on the grill!

A few more of my favorites that didn’t make the list include small bites that you can prepare and eat with your hands (creamy cheeses and crackers, olives, bruschetta…), and dishes to share (homemade pizza, delectable desserts…).

Pair it all with a glass (or two) of wine, and you’re good to go!

What are some of your favorite romantic meals?