Falling Love with Your Book Boyfriend

By Debra Kayn, author of WildlyBreathing His Air, Seductively, and Conveniently

ConvenientlyFalling in love with your book boyfriend.

You need more of him. You can’t stop talking about the book. You want to live in the fictional world the author created. You’ve found yourself territorial of your book boyfriend and although you’d recommend him to other readers, you’re not afraid to stake your claim!


Have you ever said/heard the same thing? Have you ever wondered how and why we all go to extremes when claiming our book boyfriends?

Here’s my theory…

Who doesn’t love that moment you fall in love, especially in a book where you are there watching, reading, sharing in the moment. One paragraph did it for me in Conveniently

Juan held out his hand. She stepped forward and hooked his finger with hers, and his eyes softened. At that second, she knew she’d lost her heart to Juan Santiago.

One little action: their fingers hooked

One little reaction: she fell in love

Okay, they have a few struggles along the way that are hot, confrontational, and even playful. But I love how simple it is to fall in love. Though every athlete in the Playing For Hearts series finds love in a different way, there’s nothing high maintenance about the way they fell in love. It can happen that way with normal everyday people. Like me and you!

Whether a man winks, holds your hand, kisses you goodbye, whispers ‘I love you’ right before he hangs up the phone, or always puts his shoes in the hallway where you trip over them every morning, these actions keep you loving that special person.

I bet all of us who are married or in a relationship can name one thing about their spouse that makes their heart flutter. The same thing happens in stories. We click and find our perfect boyfriend.

Readers claim heroes in books as their boyfriend, because the men do everything right in the reader’s mind. Most of these things are simple actions that everyone does or can do. I’d love to hear what a hero does to make your tummy flutter and put a smile on your face.

Do you have a book boyfriend that did something special that grabbed you and wouldn’t let go?