Every Time a Bell Rings…

By Micah Persell, author of Of Eternal LifeOf the Knowledge of Good and EvilEmma: The Wild and Wanton Edition, and Of Consuming Fire

Of Consuming FireEvery time a bell rings…

Can you finish that saying? Chances are, if you’ve spent even one holiday season in the United States, you can. We Americans love our angels, and as time goes by, we only love them more. A recent Associated Press poll showed that 77% of adults in the United States believe in angels, a number that has gone up from 69% in a 1993 Time poll. What’s even more interesting is that 4 out of 10 adults who believe in angels do not associate themselves with a religion.

So what happens when so many people, both religious and not, believe in angels? Well, one definite side effect is a large angel presence in popular culture. Angels make their way to the top of many lists of the most beloved songs and movies of all time. Does anyone have a favorite among these?

Angel songs:

1. “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan
2. “How Do You Talk to an Angel?” by Jamie Walters
3. “Angel” by Aerosmith
4. “Earth Angel” by The Penguins
5. “Teen Angel” by Mark Dining

Heaven Can WaitAngel movies:

1. Heart and Souls starring Robert Downey, Jr.
2. City of Angels starring Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan
3. Michael starring John Travolta
4. Heaven Can Wait starring Warren Beatty
5. Meet Joe Black starring Brad Pit

Another area of popular culture pervaded by angels is novels. All genres seem to have countless books dedicated to angels, but the romance genre in particular seems to explore the more human side of these divine beings.

My latest release, Of Consuming Fire, is the story of Jayden, the cherubim charged with guarding the Garden of Eden from human trespassers. In the paranormal world of my series Operation: Middle of the Garden, all angels face a Temptation: the one thing in the universe that can cause them to Fall. Jayden’s Temptation is a frumpy, overweight red-headed expert in dead languages named Grace Tucker. She is everything he could never resist, but if he falls for Grace, he will Fall from grace, and he cannot imagine that the troublesome, though tantalizing, human will ever be worth such a sacrifice.

Jayden’s discovery of love highlights the ups and downs that we as members of the human race face in all of our relationships on a daily basis—and that, I believe, is why angels are so popular. In our imaginings of them in film, song, and fiction—even though they’re beautiful, unflappable, and heavenly—they’re not that different from us.

So, let’s hear it! Who are your favorite pop-culture angels?

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