Emerald Springs Legacy Prequel: Part II

By Nicole Flockton, author of Emerald Springs Legacy: Daniel’s Decision (coming to Crimson Romance May 5, 2014)

Emerald Springs Legacy Prequel Part II 
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Emerald Springs Legacy

“What the hell? Tea? Have you completely lost your business sense, Richard? There’s nothing wrong with the traditional farming we’re doing. Everyone needs potatoes and apples. Good stable foods.” Joe went to take another sip of the concoction in his hand. It didn’t taste any better the second time around. “Besides, people in the U.S. are coffee drinkers. Tea is for pansies. Why would we expand into something so risky?”

“Because, Joe,” Richard replied patiently. Joe could hear the condescension. Why did Richard never listen to him? Why did Richard always treat him like the poor relation in their partnership? “We need to expand if we want to succeed. I also think we need to go organic in our growing techniques. Organic is where the future lies. Mark my words. In twenty years everyone will want produce that has been organically grown and organic tea is where we’re going to start. Then we’ll expand the orchards and other crops. We will be the leaders in good, healthy food.”

Organic? What the heck was organic? Not more of that “green” stuff he kept pushing in his face. Now Richard really was talking out of his ass.

“Now I know you’ve lost your mind, Richard. Organic? I think drinking this tea has made you soft. We’re making a good living with what we’re doing; why would you want to jeopardize everything we’ve worked for, everything we discussed when we formed our partnership, for a shot in the dark?”

“Come on, Joe, if we get in now, on the ground floor, what we’re making now will be a pittance in comparison to what we can be making. The possibilities are endless. You’ve heard the rumors around the farming community, the talk of genetically modifying how we grow things. I can’t do that. No, I won’t do that to our crops and my family. The time to expand is now.”

Joe looked at his friend and for the first time in their friendship, he wondered if he really knew Richard at all. They’d had the same vision when they’d first discussed it in college. Build farms on adjoining properties and form a partnership that would make their farms the best in the district—and they had, the good old-fashioned way. Joe saw no reason to change.

Rebecca returned to the room with a sleepy Colleen and Jacob. It was time to go. Joe put his glass down on the table. “Look, Richard, I think you’ve had too much tea. Let’s talk tomorrow when you’ve got your wits about you.”

“Oh trust me, Joe, my stance isn’t going to change and I’m going to make you see just how much changing our business direction makes sense.”

“Not likely,” Joe muttered under his breath. He walked over to Sheila and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. “Night, Sheila, and thanks for a lovely evening. Let’s go, Rebecca.”

Joe gathered Colleen close, who wrapped her arms around him and cuddled in tight. He loved his baby girl and he wouldn’t let her down by not being true to himself or his beliefs.

No matter what happened tomorrow, there was no way Joe was going to go along with Richard’s cockamamie plan. For too long he’d let Richard have his way.

Not this time.

There was no way he was going to let Richard change the direction of farm.

No way at all.

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