Edmond Dantes and Falling in Love

By Monica Corwin, author of The Count of Monte Cristo: The Wild and Wanton Edition

The Count of Monte Cristo: The Wild and Wanton Edition Volume 1When I was younger I watched a movie for the first time *cough Practical Magic cough* and in that movie one of the characters suggests falling in love as often as you can. I took that to mean to fall in love with anything, everything, and not just boys. Until that time I had only known that you could be in love with boys. And then one day I discovered Edmond Dantes. Not only did he turn me toward men in my teens and early twenties but he turned me toward a love for characters.

Edmond Dantes is one wounded soul and how could you blame him? He gets locked in jail for a long time for no reason only to get out and find out his fiancée married the man who betrayed him, his father committed suicide, and all his real friends are destitute. It’s enough to send any sane person off the deep end. The thing with Edmond though is he doesn’t just get revenge…oh no. For anyone who watched the Sherlock (the BBC show) scene where Moriarty says “I will burn the heart out of you.”…THAT is Edmond.

How could you fall in love with that? some might ask. Well, it’s super easy when you can see how he is and then completely understand how he became the man he was without losing that tiny spark of compassion for those who are his real friends.

I imagine riding in his carriage plotting away with him into the sunset…and you have to admit he’s pretty dashing too.

So…for my lovely readers. I recommend you fall in love with anything, everything, as often as possible. You can’t love too much but you can certainly love not enough.