Crimson One Year Anniversary Post: Happy Birthday to Us!

By Peggy Bird, author of Beginning AgainLoving AgainTogether Again, and Trusting Again

Trusting AgainOne year ago Crimson Romance and I were born. Happy birthday to us! We’ve made it…we’re out of the baby stage and moving to toddler-hood…we’re…

Okay, in the name of full disclosure, that first sentence is not completely accurate. The correct anniversary date for Crimson’s launch is June fourth, not today. And the first books under the Crimson Romance name may be only a year old but I’ve been around a lot longer. However, if you’ll cut me some slack, I’ll explain why I started that way.

A year ago my publisher and I were both new to romance. Crimson’s parent company is F&W Media, a long-established publisher known until recently for non-fiction offerings. E-book romances were a new venture for them. As a writer, until last year, my work had also been non-fiction—memoir pieces in anthologies or, in my day-jobs, for consulting clients, politicians and organizations I’ve managed. (For those of you who regard writing for politicians as fiction writing, please accept my apologies and just keep on reading.)

Anyway, to get to my point, romance was, for both the publisher and me, a departure from what we’d done in the past. Our roots may go way back, but both Crimson and I were, in a manner of speaking, born a little over a year ago.

The other similarity that feels like we’re newborns is the leap of faith both my publisher and I took when they offered, and I signed, a contract. Crimson took a chance on many new-to-romance writers, some of whom, like me, wrote out of the mainstream stories. The writers took a chance with a new imprint. Neither of us knew exactly what we were getting into, much like the parents of a first-born and their baby. (I know. I’m mixing my metaphor. Not to mention giving no guidance as to who’s the baby and who are the parents. And ascribing to a century-old publishing house the same bewilderment about what was going on that I experienced. But work with me here, okay?)

Through the magic of digital publishing, a group of well over a hundred writers and a new imprint have created an established romance line. I’ve sometimes felt more like a newborn that I should at my stage of life as I struggled with a learning curve that seemed way too steep to manage but thanks to the help of my Crimson sisters and the Crimson staff it gets easier with every book release.

So, happy birthday to us. We made it through the first year and, in yet another similarity, we’re celebrating all summer long. Crimson has some great giveaways and deals and I have a new book, Trusting Again released on June 3rd. (You didn’t seriously think I’d let this chance to promote my book go by, did you?)

Okay, now where’s the champagne and cake?