Crimson Anniversary Post: Upside Down and Sideways

By Irene Preston, author of Infamous

InfamousThis month marks the 1 year anniversary of both Crimson Romance and my debut novel Infamous. In the past year, I’ve fielded a lot of questions about being a published author, writing fiction in general, and writing romance in particular.

For any of you who still have a few questions, a bit of advice: I am the wrong person to ask.

Most of what I’ve learned in the past year has revolved around a truth of my life – if there is a way to do something slightly skewed – you can bet I’ll find it. Infamous was no different. For every traditional romance trope I threw in, my characters somehow managed to turn it upside down or skew the plot a little sideways. If there was something to NOT do, I did it. (I don’t mean to be bad, really.)

You know that disreputable character we love to reform? The one with the hot bod and the bad reputation? I did that! I’ve got that bad-boy girl (oops)! See what I mean? And I’m not talking the kick-ass karate-chopping bad-girl with the thigh-high boots and tattoos who saves the day. Nope, we’re talking more the Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan variety. Who turns Paris Hilton in to a romance heroine? {raises hand guiltily}

So. We all love hot sex, right? I wrote that! I really DID! I started on the dance floor right in the first chapter. (Then the elevator, then the hotel room, then…) Perhaps this is how I somehow managed to get into Crimson’s ‘Spicy’ line. So, Jessica, my Paris-inspired heroine is living up to her reputation – right on target for ‘Spicy.’ Except wait…. Where did this step-daughter come from? And why is Jessica more obsessed with being a June Cleaver clone and baking cookies than buying another pair of Louboutins? Apparently I didn’t read the part of the Romance Author By-Laws that stated sweet family-oriented stories are not peppered with hot S-E-X. (Hey, the kid came from somewhere.)

Finally, there is Morgan, my hero. Sexy, reclusive, rich. I got that right. Didn’t I? He’s also conservative, over-protective, controlling, jealous….oh, heck. I admit it. He’s a nurturer. Can’t I do anything right?

So, thank goodness for Crimson Romance, who took my bad-girl, nice-guy, super-sweet, scorching-hot romance and ran with it. And a huge THANK YOU to all my readers who told me they wanted to hang out with Jessica and….well, I won’t say what they wanted to do with Morgan (but it might have involved the pantry scene).

If you want to get a taste of exactly what I’m talking about, you can read the first full chapter of Infamous at (complete with the dance floor, elevator, hotel room…).

Thanks to everyone for making this such a fantastic year!