Closing Out a Series: The End of a Beginning

By Elley Arden, author of Heal My HeartChange My Mind, and Save My Soul

Heal My HeartAlmost a year ago, my debut romance novel released. Save My Soul: Book One in the Kemmons Brothers Baseball Series went on to become an Amazon Top 100 Bestseller, far surpassing my expectations and spurring two more romance novels about a family of brothers bound together by blood and baseball. Jordon is an agent. Grey is a centerfielder. Tag is a team physician.

For the longest time, Tag had been a mystery to me. I knew he was the youngest and most emotionally fragile of the three brothers, but his details were sketchy. While I was writing Save My Soul: Book One in the Kemmons Brothers Baseball Series, Jordon’s memories of Tag were so twisted not one made it into the story. Early on, I thought maybe Tag had a physical handicap or an incurable disease—something that would alienate him from his brothers. But, before I could explore that further, I moved on to writing Change My Mind: Book Two in the Kemmons Brothers Baseball Series. It was here, with the help of Grey’s memories, that I discovered who Tag really was, and just how different he is from his brothers.

Tag is my first not-so-easy-to-categorize hero. He’s sexy, handsome, and successful like any good alpha hero should be, but he’s kind, smart, and eager to love and be loved. He also celebrates his heroine’s unorthodox strengths. Is he a beta? You can be the judge of that.

At one point during the editing process, my editor actually wrote, “Boy, he really is the girl in this relationship, isn’t he?” Lol. I laugh because his heroine, MJ, is a female professional football league quarterback. (You read that right.) No weak wallflower here. And while the other men in MJ’s life disapprove of her masculine profession, Tag isn’t threatened by it. I love that about him. I hope you’ll love him, too.

Heal My Heart: Book Three in the Kemmons Brothers Baseball Series is now available in e-book format. If you haven’t read the first two books, don’t let that stop you from diving into this one. It does stand alone. If you’ve read the first two books, you’re going to especially enjoy the heartfelt moments and banter between all the couples as Tag and MJ journey toward their happily ever after.

So, with that, I close out this series. It’s bittersweet. The Kemmons brothers were my first. As long as you keep reading, they certainly won’t be my last.