Building the Demon Family Tree

By Holley Trent, author of Melt My Heart, A Demon in Waiting, Sold As Is, and My Nora

Melt My HeartMy series always run away from me, so I’m not surprised that the story arc for my Sons of Gulielmus world imploded sometime while writing Book Two. The series premise is that this schmuck of a demon, the incubus Gulielmus, sends his army of half-demon kids out into the world to taint souls for Team Hell. Unfortunately for Gulielmus, his children are more receptive to love than they are afraid of him, so they defect to the other team. (Poor guy. Fallen angel can’t even keep his own kids in check.)

My initial plan was to let Gulielmus’s favored sons frustrate him for three books, and then spin off to follow three of his daughters.

Well. Something happened. I can’t say what without inserting a major spoiler here, but suffice it to say the series condensed. One of the daughters I had planned on introducing much, much, later poked her head up prematurely and kindly informed me I needed to dismantle book two (Charles’s story) and fix…well, a thing.

A Demon in WaitingThat daughter, Julia Tate, appears in A Demoness Matched—my contribution to the Melt My Heart Valentine’s Day anthology. She’s the full sister of John Tate from A Demon in Waiting. She’s sweet and naïve, and made of the exact wrong stuff to be a productive succubus. She’s in hiding from Gulielmus on the property of a reclusive former baseball player…and she doesn’t know the gifted pitcher Calvin Wolff is a werewolf.

She turns up on the front steps of his mountain cabin, and, naturally, shenanigans ensue. He thinks she’s a kook who fell off the turnip truck, and she thinks he’s a bit of a pompous bozo. Sounds like a love match, right? Given Julia has sort-of-Cupid for a half-brother, you can probably guess what happens.

What I love most about writing series is that I never really have to say goodbye to the characters. Julia and Calvin turn up again in the next story to help me flesh out the demonic family tree, and boy, it’s a messy one.

I’ve never had so much fun making a mess, and I hope you’ll have fun watching the mischief unfold.

About A Demoness Matched:

Liberated from a dangerous cult, Julia Tate needs protection from her incubus father. Luckily, her brother Charles, an eros demon, knows just where she can find it: at the home of reclusive former baseball star Calvin Wolff. The mysterious Mr. Wolff is hiding a hairy secret and doesn’t want to let anyone get close, but he’s drawn to this innocent young woman’s enthusiasm. When trouble finds them, they discover a werewolf and a demoness just might make an out-of-this-world match.

About Holley Trent:

Holley Trent is a Carolina girl gone west. She writes sassy contemporary and snarky paranormal romances [usually] set in her home state. To find out what works she has coming up next, visit her website at