Below the Surface

The Wanting HeartBy Rionna Morgan, author of The Wanting Heart

In The Wanting Heart, Kate has some amazing friends who support her, love her and drive her crazy–just like friends should. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about friends in fiction and in everyday life. In Kate’s world her friends are so different from her. One is a Hollywood producer, one is a business woman and the other is a special needs educator.

In my life, my friends are as varied as Kate’s. There’s a horticulturalist, a vegan, a lawyer, a photographer, a bartender, a NASCAR fan, a secretary, a doctor, an FBI agent. Wild. Even when I break it down beyond what we do, I’m the only one who has red hair, who has a Masters in English, and who has skin so pale it glows in the moonlight.

We are all so different. On the surface. If we take one step below the surface, we see so many things that are similar: our love of reading, our love of humankind, our spirit of determination, our enjoyment of laughter and of each other. WE are what we have in common. So whether our conversations span across the street, across the state, the nation or the world, we—my friends and I—can find a commonality, a comfort, a feeling of acceptance.

I have made so many new friends as I’ve started this journey of publication, and I am so grateful to say even though we are so very different in everything from zip codes to backgrounds that it is below the surface where our friendship resides. And I am very pleased to count you among them.

Share some of your favorite friendship stories in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Below the Surface

  1. Inés

    This is something I also think about because my friends are all so very different from one another. The one thing they have in common, though, is that they are all people with good intention in their hearts.

  2. Jessica

    This reminds me of a saying: Friends are the family you choose. I think that quote is so true. Nothing in this world would be enjoyable without a network of friends/family to share your happiness and achievements it with!

  3. jw ashley

    One of my favorite friend stories is the tale of how I met my best friend. My fated-BFF, April, and I had shared an office for over a year (we were TA’s at our grad school); I had served as her mentor for several months; we had had all the prescribed lunches and chats. But we hadn’t clicked. We were, really, relative strangers. Until, one day, in a class about the early British novel, our teacher had us all looking at the frontispiece of two novels: Moll Flanders and something else, perhaps, Pamela. Anyway… One was published in some respectable place (I can’t remember where now), and the other was published in Covenant Garden. I raised my hand to mention what that place of pub implied about the novel, but, before I could get out a single word, April started the spiel. As she talked, I joined in the chorus. We looked at each other. And we knew. We had learned this trivia from the same place. We knew were both romance readers. Of course, the rest of the class thought we were gods, but we knew we had found another soul who loved HEAs. Let me tell you, that was a rare thing indeed in an English M.A. program! We’ve been together ever since.

  4. Rionna Morgan

    I have loved reading all of your comments! The friends in my life are so special and treasured. I have been so blessed with making new friends here in the land of publishing. I recently attended RWA Nationals…the ladies were all so wonderful to know and meet. We’re staying in contact and have begun to build friendships that will grow as the years move on. My Crimson Sisters are so amazing. We all are so supportive and helpful for each other. Ines, Jessica, Kristina, Kay, JW–It is so wonderful to know you and count you among my friends.

    May you have a romantic day!